Shanghai Longfeng beginners from entry to the master notes

ask what is a search engine? I believe no one can give an official answer, can only try to love Shanghai, for example, YAHOO, Sogou, Google and some other public familiar with the search engine. When people are looking for something that is from the search engine input keyword search, general search engine is a […]

About love Shanghai search online shopping tips of the keywords analysis

map today just installed a Taobao station, looking for a Taobao index of high word, found that Taobao sale index is very high, it inquires about the keyword index and ranking the results, I was shocked, no nonsense, directly above: in Figure 1 with the sidebar look, this is the 1 side bar chart: love […]

Sell sweet potatoes online new generation of reporters when farmers remember

"my hometown is full of sunshine, and it is also rich in poverty."." Zhang Huaitian wrote in his first book in high school. Zhang Huaitian is my college classmate. In the old days, he was a student of the attention of the people, how many people can publish books in high school? In our eyes, […]

The location of the website determines the fate of the website

According to the "twenty-sixth CNNIC Chinese Internet development statistics report" data show that as of June 2010 there are 2 million 790 thousand websites in our country, compared to the 2009 decline, shows our country more and more enterprises have begun to attach importance to the development of network marketing to the enterprise, but the […]

What are the ways in which customer recognition is obtained in a shop

Since is shop sales, only to get the customer’s approval, so that the business can really hot up, however, how to get customer approval, this is undoubtedly the countless shops and sales personnel who concern. So, what is the way to get customer recognition? care care is another way of emotional opening. The customer is […]