Share website to raise three questions should pay attention to the traffic

third, hot hot tail long tail: we must make good use of. My station has a long tail word every day can bring independent IP500, a week about 4000IP, the long tail word at the beginning of our attention, then flow up I noticed. Give examples to illustrate the long tail word is very popular, […]

2015 medical website latest Shanghai dragon cheating on

false link Keywords The 1, Html notes The accumulation of Click on the link spoofingWhen the user clicks the know, search engines crawl the page is crawling according to the link on the page, when the search engines crawl into an empty page, the content of only a few keywords no other content, search engine […]

Do the standard six step process of Shanghai Dragon

do a lot of friends in Shanghai Longfeng know which aspects need to pay attention to Shanghai Dragon Well, should start from where, but very few people have a set of norms in Shanghai Longfeng process, often think what to do, Xu Xinming also like this before. Shanghai Longfeng with the increasingly long time, slowly […]

30 years ago how to start a business young is powerTeach you to identify four kinds of advertising L

the so-called traffic exchange is on your website put their edge ball advertising. Let visitors click for their advertising points. A change like two ad promises they actually are crap their traffic is pure garbage flow what pop wmv. Erotic popups. Trojan pop all here, I did not see the alliance here, there are a […]

Clear all ready and friends are Wangzhuan WangzhuanGG AdSense tests new font ads with black borders

my name is IDA is certainly a net. It has been 10 years since the touch network, and of course, the beginning of the game can not be counted. From the beginning of contact with the network, which is 99 years at that time just have , or a thin penguin. At that time, only […]

Analysis of WeChat public platform account establishment process

WeChat is a mobile phone chat software launched by Tencent Inc in 11. Because of the simple function of WeChat at that time, people simply used to send voice, SMS, video, pictures and text. Later, 12 years, Tencent Inc in WeChat on the basis of the new public number and service number and other functional […]

N2C model will be the future trend of local community transformation

The network is not the concept of n2c, this is the author in recent years have focused on the local community (BBS, hereinafter referred to as community) a new community mode of operation have been analyzed, the full name of n2c Networking to consumer, as well as online community on consumer electronic business, is the […]