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this is the most beautiful expression of breast. Each side of the breast has 15-20 which is shaped arrangement of the gland, gland between fiber bundles and vertical skin, called the Cooper ligament, only when the internal structure of the normal breast, blood and lymph circulation network, well, they can show the hemispherical appearance, size, […]

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A long, narrow portion of the nipple diameter is about 08 ~ 15 cm, there are many pits on it, as the milk ducts opening. The annular region around the nipple skin pigmentation is deep areola. The areola diameter is about 3 ~ 4 cm, various colors were red roses, adolescent pregnancy, lactation, dark brown […]

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After the arrival of the female adolescent five, a middle-aged woman with loose breasts of the human body at the age of twenty-five growth peak, this time human development reached a peak growth appeared to stop, more than and 20 year old female breast closest to semiglobose, this stage of breast development reached the mature […]

Food and nutritional supplements on the four recruit white-collar family female health network

brewing method: take the right amount of medlar into the cup, with boiling water can be drunk. two, eat wolfberry: protect the eyes white-collar long-term face of the computer, the eyes will be very dry, and eyesight is very vulnerable, in addition to see more green plants, can also be used in the diet of […]

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pathological breast pain – timely medical treatment most of the mothers will appear in a week of breast pain phenomenon, mainly due to breast lymph retention, venous filling, breast interstitial edema and poor breast duct. This situation, such as milk flow, the pain can be alleviated. Can also be carried out on the breast massage, […]

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the shape of the whole breast 1 parts of the breast beauty breast location in second ~ sixth between the ribs (according to the breast position were divided, refers to the breast in the fifth rib above, as they described as "a sub Yan Mei", slightly higher than the standard position make people feel breast […]

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regular manual testing is necessary, at least once a year in January to familiarize themselves with the breast, to the doctor. 30 years old, breast problems are benign (not cancerous). But young women generally have breast cystic changes, characterized by breast pain, cysts, and non cancerous masses. Dr. Leon, assistant professor of clinical medicine at […]

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researchers said that the results of the study of breast cancer researchers are very useful, but the women themselves do not have practical significance, because the size of the breast is not the women themselves can decide. The researchers also said that although their results showed that more women suffering from breast cancer risk is […]

Breastfeeding can prevent breast cancer, alcoholism and Western life increases the risk of wom

The report, the report shows the "British Journal of cancer", Asian and black women tend to have more children, and more likely to breastfeed, and breastfeeding is an effective means for the prevention of breast cancer as everyone knows. About 83% of black women and about 85% of Asian women will choose breastfeeding, compared with […]