How to interpret for our site to choose a suitable color tone

"color mix also have certain skills. The color difference of the transitional color larger color, so that more visitors can feel our color. We take the Pepsi logo for example: red and blue marks on the two part of the white segment. The white block corrugated can make better mixing of red and blue two […]

Good business standing outside the station optimization to improve the keywords ranking

now love Shanghai attaches great importance to website title and description, the title and description can greatly promote the keywords ranking, the general title and description should include keywords, but certain keywords do not accumulate, with love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, keywords accumulation is punished more and more dangerous. 1, website title and description of the […]

Entrepreneurs note, venture capitalists said that with these three qualities of the founder, we will

this is the cusp, competition is also fierce exception.   , like Wang Naichen, is a minority of "prime minister" hearts. 2015 was the year of China’s incubator blowout, according to statistics, as of the end of last year, there are more than 4000 national incubators, and by the end of 2014 only about 1700, […]

Eight elements of enterprise website design

enterprise website design of the 8 elements: the design of a web site, should consider the following nine basic factors, these factors on the success of the site has an important influence. Nine Web design success factors: overall layout, valuable information, speed, graphics and layout, readability of text, readability of Web title, site navigation, protection […]

High popularity of environmentally friendly products to join the rich

countries hold high the banner of environmental protection, constantly promote environmental protection work, more and more environmentally friendly products was born, it also provides rich opportunities for substantial entrepreneurs, as long as you find the good environmental protection product investment, become very relaxed.

Online shop shuffle move, easy to have more violence, online horizontal evaluation

recently, the domestic well-known CMS/ shop system developers mobile network released its flagship product into the.NET platform: SiteFactory CMS/eShop 1. It may be because the popularity of mobile CMS is too high, so its online shop system has not been well promoted, nor has it been well recognized by the majority of users. But in […]