Sell sweet potatoes online new generation of reporters when farmers remember

"my hometown is full of sunshine, and it is also rich in poverty."." Zhang Huaitian wrote in his first book in high school.

Zhang Huaitian is my college classmate. In the old days, he was a student of the attention of the people, how many people can publish books in high school? In our eyes, he is our class Han Han, unfortunately, no Han Han handsome, and even miserable.

can’t judge, although Zhang Huaitian "appearance has been amazing, but in our school of journalism, he is the most diligent reporter, in the school year all the newspapers every day to see his article, a year more than 500 published news. (PS: journalism school, every class has a newspaper, as well as community newspapers, personal newspapers, school newspapers, etc., as well as outgoing ones. The other side of his diligence, his eyes and his meditation, also made us have to reflect on whether we were childish or not.

we didn’t graduate. We all thought it was a waste of youth to go to school. So he went back to Hunan, Shaoyang to be a reporter, and I started my favorite online career. Although we are inseparable partners in school, we have embarked on a totally different path in life. After returning to Hunan, Shaoyang, Zhang Huaitian successfully entered the Shaoyang evening post as an intern journalist, followed by an official journalist and later director of the circulation department. It took him only two years to make such a promotion, and more than 200 articles were published in the past two years.

in the eyes of our classmates, he is simply plain sailing, but surprisingly, he resigned at the end of 2007. After I learned the news, I could not help worrying about him, because the journalist was hard working, but as long as he climbed to the spot, he was at least life – free.

"my hometown is full of sunshine, and it is also rich in poverty."." Zhang Huaitian and I repeat this sentence.

finally, Zhang Huaitian’s agricultural development base in all levels of leadership help from established, at the same time, he played his reporter contacts, local TV stations have reported this reporter was farmers, local government websites are often published his article. Because in the local visibility, the rapid formation of channel supply relationship with the local hotel and restaurant owner, Zhang Huaitian for their sweet potato.

of course, sweet potatoes are everywhere. Why use him? That’s the secret recipe. Of course, Zhang Huaitian is just a reporter, not what is the secret recipe, but Zhang Huaitian will be engaged in all the money he earned during the reporter to teach a professor to study formula, finally developed a unique flavor taste formula. It was the recipe that gave him the order of the local hotel. The victory.

local sweet potato varieties limited, so he carried his bags, at their own expense to find good varieties of sweet potatoes, in June this year, also came to Shandong, Heze, Caoxian inspection of the relevant specialty varieties. With the variety, the formula, the government support, the media coverage, and the sales channels, Zhang Huaitian’s peasants should be "wind >"

Want to start a cold drink shop to remember the management skills

cold drinks in the summer is a beautiful scenery line, in fact, in addition to summer, other seasons such delicious is also very popular, then open this store will be like? Who must pay attention to methods, for investors who want to start a cold drink shop is no exception, although there is no shortcut to entrepreneurship, but if investors in the entrepreneurial process to understand some of the techniques and methods of them, that will let you avoid detours, to a certain extent, reduce business risk. The following is about the operation of the cold drink shop small, I hope to help you.

start a cold drink shop

1, start a cold drink shop to choose the location of Entrepreneurship: Urban pomegranate lane, a cold drink shop master Hu told reporters, although people of different ages will come to the cold drink shop, but its main consumer or young people. Generally near the school (preferably a technical secondary school) or crowded places, is a good place to open such a shop. Jinhua people often visit the park in the summer, you can also open such shops. When the weather is hot, a good place to open this kind of Wujiang River is small. As long as the election of a good location, the summer cold drink shops do not have to worry about basic business." Master Hu said.

2, start to drink cold drink shop style: Jinhua’s most popular cool cake and other varieties of course essential, in addition, entrepreneurs can also according to the red bean (Lv Dou), peanut, hollow powder, coconut, watermelon, red dates, pineapple, quail egg, jelly, coconut milk and other ingredients, made all kinds of drinks. The price of ordinary fruit drinks is 1.5 yuan a cup, the price of ordinary drinks is $1 a cup. The current market wholesale Bottled Yellow Peach, coconut and other canned fruit, can make more kinds of drinks". In the vicinity of the city four arches opened a cold drink shop Zhang told reporters that if the store has a certain space, entrepreneurs can also provide barbecue services to attract customers to eat supper in summer.

3, start a cold drink shop pay attention to health: consumers eat in the street store, the most afraid to eat unclean food, summer is so. One can bring consumers a good impression of the health of the cold drink shop, the business is often better. In order to give consumers the impression of health, freezers, tables and chairs, as well as disposable utensils must be kept clean, in addition to the best lit mosquito repellent incense (electric mosquito can also) to expel flies. "Of course, the clerk must pay attention to their own instruments, such as nails should not be too long, beard to be promptly shaved, clean and refreshing clothes." Master Hu said.

4, can occasionally eat some Kui: young people summer cold drinks, often to shop in knots, and generally fixed. If the operator can often use the way to eat a loss, you can keep a group of customers for a long time. Chidiankui ways: a group of people drank 10.5 yuan drinks, 10 yuan will receive their full money; 1 yuan a cup of ordinary drink, if consumers can give their love, plus some of the relatively high price of fruit grain consumption; if recommended

The question and answer model in Inquiry — the value of vertical question and answer community

introduction: JeffHowe, a reporter for wired magazine in America, first introduced the concept of crowdsourcing in the 6 issue of 2006. The connotation of Crowdsourcing thought is a huge project, we can split it, so many participants completed the part of their own good, finally let the project and invisible, embracing all. Crowdsourcing become group collaboration model in the network era, and Crowdsourcing can be divided into many kinds, and rely on the collective wisdom of answering model to solve the problem, it is a classic case of the Internet Crowdsourcing pioneer, Wikipedia and Quora led the country such as Baidu know, know the gradually strong. And these questions and answers model to Internet, each industry, and even the whole society’s influence is huge.

Question and answer mode in


question and answer website, Quora and know almost as the current most representative Q & a website, and the content is often cited by the major media, scholars and other sources. In recent years, the domestic question and answer websites have been springing up, some of them have been successful, some have failed, and the successful knowledge and the Baidu encyclopedia have become known to all, and those fallen are also worth studying. LiveSide.Net website, Microsoft has decided in May 21, 2009 to close its quiz portal MSNQnA; foreign media reports, Facebook will officially close the service website Questions quiz first launched in July 2010; senior vice president Alan Google Eustace announced in 2010, Google acquired the free quiz website Aardvark will close in mid September 2011; the social question pioneer Formspring announced that the site because of high operating costs, will be closed on March 31, 2013…

and several well-known foreign quiz site failures, led to the quiz website ", but this does not affect the Starving people fill the land." domestic users to follow the quiz website. Baidu knows, search questions, questions and answers, such as flash, and now follow the trend, and now in addition to Baidu know, still "strong", and the rest are already dying. But I do know that the Internet experience, Baidu know is already "" heaven ", Baidu know inside advertising everywhere, this is the first skill will be the network navy.

vertical quiz industry for the great value of

mode is generally divided into two kinds, vertical type and "". "Hodgepodge", open style led to Baidu know, search question and answer the question and answer, today’s situation, not to mention "alive and kicking", but also "die", the answer pattern hodgepodge can solve some basic problems, but not deeply.

, and for some areas of expertise, the value of the vertical question and answer community has become prominent. The founder of, the only author, made some comments on the value of the vertical quiz community. When it comes to vertical industries, quora>

This site can download social science papers free of charge and no longer need to know how to spend

recently, the National Center for philosophy and Social Sciences ( to provide free papers downloaded news, blasting scholars, humanities and social science students, researchers circle of friends.

Compared to databases such as HowNet and

, the advantage of the National Center for philosophy and social sciences is free. The center is rich in resources and contains almost all the core journals in the humanities and social sciences. Any user who has logged in can use the functions of literature search, resource subscription, online reading, full text download, etc.. Some call it "digital resources available to people all over the world"".


National Center for philosophy and Social Sciences screenshot

in fact, the National Center for philosophy and Social Sciences was formally launched as early as last December 30th. On May 17, 2016, general secretary Xi Jinping at the Forum on work in philosophy and Social Sciences, made clear "to the use of the Internet and big data technology, strengthen the philosophy and social science books, network, database and other infrastructure and information construction, accelerate the construction of the National Center for philosophy and Social Science literature, the construction is convenient, the sharing of resources of philosophy and social science research information the platform requirements. To implement the spirit of the speech on September 2016, the Central Propaganda Department deployment, led by China Academy of Social Sciences, Ministry of education and the State Press and Publication Administration with the construction of "national philosophy and Social Sciences Documentation centre".

at present, the national philosophy and social science literature center opened, information resources, special service, four columns, including Chinese resources of foreign periodicals and journals, books, ancient books four, included Philosophy related to social science literature and a total of more than ten million, providing services online reading and download the full text; also included important the domestic and foreign government agencies, the field of philosophy and Social Sciences universities, academic institutions and database links for readers to access and use. A database of national philosophy, social science journals, databases of foreign academic journals and databases of scientific research achievements of the Chinese Academy of social sciences has been preliminarily formed.

, that is, it is a public project funded by the state, which provides free academic resources to the public by the state. In this regard, surging news reporter interviewed a well-known "emperor" Lu Hunrong, he believes the advantage of this project is the largest open access with the spirit of free and accessible, very conducive to the spread of academic achievements and utilization.

HowNet challenged,


is the most important approach for academic research, literature acquisition, especially Chinese literature, and cnki. Most universities in China will buy Chinese HowNet services, so the campus IP address can be downloaded free of charge.

, but if not IP login, login through the registered user name, buy the network card, you can also download the document. >

Personal AdSense for the biggest obstacle to network operators

08 years is destined to be an extraordinary year, the Wenchuan earthquake, the Tibet riots, the financial crisis, of course, and the Beijing 2008 Olympic games.


we the webmaster is not small, many personal webmaster to do business, in order to let the webmaster can smoothly switch network, I am here to share with you some people think network disorder (only personal views).

first, where is the shop? This has many options, such as Taobao, eBay or pat (personal look on eBay, because Taobao also began charging, although only large transaction fees), these are the leader in C2C e-commerce, Taobao is currently in development should be China best. We can consider.

personal webmaster, many will choose to open an independent shop, now free, open source ShopEx and so on, shop procedures are very popular, and for personal Adsense, installation operation is not a problem. In the end choose to set up shop on the C2C platform or their own independent shop, which depends on personal preferences, personal recommendation C2C, a huge number of buyers ah.

above problems are not the problem, the following main talk about the biggest obstacle to network operators change. Believe this, want to change business network webmaster should know, that is the problem of supply.

how to find sources? Virtual goods are extremely unstable, I used Taobao to sell QB, eventually because the supply is not stable and put up the shutters, sourcing has always been a man switch network weakness.

in fact, it is not difficult to find the source of goods. As long as you learn how to use your resources, it’s not difficult. For example, you want to do the clothing business, you can think about your friends and relatives have opened a clothing store? Yes, use your relationship, asked him to give you the purchase, or directly to sell when you go to the store with his goods, so do not have to supply the

?This is my

now in the Taobao open a telephone recharge shop, my source is because my cousin drove his mobile business hall, I have let her charge to buyer when finished in her capital, my source is guaranteed.

if you have some money would have been better to do, you go to the wholesale commodity wholesale market, so the price is lower, they earn more, more competitive (but be careful inventory).

do station, do the same as network operators, will use the resources in hand, but also know how to operate. Write here, I wish you in the New Year!

the above contents are personal point of view, any similarity is purely coincidental. Article starting: 4K story   reprint, please retain the source. For communication, please add Q group: 13499583

Station six months process and experience sharing

did more than half a year, because I was doing the purpose of the station is to help people who want to start business, so I put my period of experience and experience to share with you.

I knew it was promising in 2006, but it wasn’t until 2008 April that I bought the first space and domain name here. The main reason why I haven’t tried to do this is that I don’t know what to do or how to do it, except that the two years have been a major change in my life. So my half year’s harvest is actually knowing how to start a website and how to make a valuable website.


bought the space, I tried to put a lot of space programs on the Internet, but I always felt I didn’t fit my expectations. I just need something simple to express in my mind. So when I saw Z-BLOG, I knew it was the one I was looking for. I was loaded with programs like Mou Changqing, because he was using the same program, and he kept writing articles on ADMIN5, so he always remembers the man’s blog. Then he didn’t read his blog for a month, and found that he had developed very well. My business start-up Lab (, because it is from scratch, so it has not been any improvement, but fortunately before the station, I prepared a secret weapon, otherwise it must not adhere to.

before I do the station, understand and cooperate with people, got a webmaster University, I have been writing some articles on it. Later, I realized that they were forced to change to the forum because of the problem of website procedure. But the original program was really excellent, bringing together some very aggressive people. Two months, there have been more than 3000 excellent original articles. Understand the website program is from the private network to find someone to do, and then out of a lot of problems, do not stand the maintenance of the people, so the site program will be forced to shut down. In fact, very ironic, understand, have been advocating technology is secondary, creativity is important. But they failed technically. But this is only a superficial cause, and the deeper reason is that both know and partner are lack of professional business and management knowledge (probably they think they have), which is their Achilles heel.

but for me, it was a good time for me, and the most important thing was that I understood how my strengths and characteristics could turn into money. I’m used to thinking, especially thinking about profound issues. But in the world around me, it’s no use thinking about esoteric issues because it’s unlikely to make money. But the first time I know how to make money, I know the possibility of using ideas to make money. From this point, I am very grateful to him. But knowing the limitations of his own makes me feel like a stepping stone. A man of ability will step up his steps. Standing on top of it, you don’t feel like the stepping stone has helped you.

Another important gain from

was the collection of the more than 3000 texts

High popularity of environmentally friendly products to join the rich

countries hold high the banner of environmental protection, constantly promote environmental protection work, more and more environmentally friendly products was born, it also provides rich opportunities for substantial entrepreneurs, as long as you find the good environmental protection product investment, become very relaxed.

2006 in January 1st, the "People’s Republic of China renewable energy law" came into effect, the law clearly requires: accelerate the development of biomass energy.

2006 in October 19th, the national development and Reform Commission held a "renewable energy development seminar, national finance research department pointed out that the development of biomass energy, national support from tax and credit.

every thousand years of business opportunities, making the rich

lift frenzy

2006 in January 1st, the "People’s Republic of China renewable energy law" came into effect, the law clearly requires: accelerate the development of biomass energy.

2006 in October 19th, the national development and Reform Commission held a "renewable energy development seminar, national finance research department pointed out that the development of biomass energy, national support from tax and credit.

From the love transformation to vertical search local life information explosion

recently announced a strategic upgrade, love to help network, launched a new life search service – neighborhood search, focus on providing local consumer places for users to search, aggregation of the whole network of businesses, the whole network evaluation, the whole network, the whole network group purchase preferential information to help the user consumption decision. Love network former Baidu CTO Liu Jianguo (micro-blog) was founded in 2007, is currently in the 265 national city to provide local search service life.


local life search needs

local information explosion

due to coverage of the Internet is more and more widely, the user access to information more and more low cost, user demand and life related growth significantly, so more of the Internet Co began to make a fuss in the local service, a variety of local services Pumianerlai, do classified information market, 58 city, 19 floor, do local information Xiamen fish, do social comment public comment, QQ do the delicacy, group purchase handle, the U.S. group, as well as a variety of coupons, online reservations and other local services, with the localization of the label from different dimensions of life services. With the rapid development of the Internet service provider life more and more quickly, more and more information provided by the local life information will appear explosive potential users face massive information related to life "when faced with the choice of problems.

search engine blind spot

Google, Baidu and other traditional search engine based on web crawling, not only solve the associated with the life of the subdivision and personalized demand, vertical search engine life can help users obtain more useful information, to provide decision-making for local life service consumption.


what do we stand from the show to the service,

?Methods the

search engine to obtain information on Web search included, only to get search results from the users, the search engine is more and more is a recommendation engine, which is currently the development of search engine. On the basis of individual social relationships, interests, to make recommendations, and socialization, the personalized search engine to the needs of different users to push more accurate results, while the traditional search engine to solve this problem in the information index, vertical search engine is to solve the precision demand.

ordinary users of the service life of online and offline access to information across a line, can be more intuitive understanding and feelings, and online information hidden in the vast sea, the display of information from online to the next line services, always across such a entrance, and abroad Google Places, Foursquare and other services and Applications is the entrance so hard, the apple Apple Maps also integrates Yelp’s local search of life and try.

Grass roots webmaster psychological training on calm.

The word "

" is literally translated from English grass roots. Generally speaking, it has two meanings: one is the relative power with the government or policy maker; the other is the weak stratum corresponding to the mainstream, elite culture or elite. As a webmaster we certainly belong to the latter, of course, grassroots webmaster not go this route, or how there will be widespread in the circle in the phrase "sleep later than the dog, up earlier than the chicken" metaphor? Some people even before the family in PubMed modeled on the popular classic sentence. "If you love him, let him take it, because there is a heaven; if you hate him, let him take it, because there is a hell," wrote "love him, let him go to do it; if you hate him, let him do webmaster" sigh words.

then why choose grassroots Webmaster Station this the hard way, the reason is nothing more than the following three ways: first, as a hobby; two, with higher wind, to achieve the purpose of the establishment of Wangzhuan even build up the family fortunes; three, to meet their own interests while you can earn extra money. Among them, second and third kinds of people in the grass roots species accounted for the vast majority, said the straightforward point is that "building a station is a means, making money is the purpose."". But according to the famous "8020" theory, in fact, we can conclude that eighty percent of the money on the Internet is made by twenty percent of the people. Here, there may be a lot of grassroots webmaster to hurry with me, but in fact, no matter whether we hurry or not urgent, the fact is so, although some cruel.

In fact, everyone in the heart of

can be calm, you can ask yourself in my heart, I rely on my website to survive? Because we ignore how many sites the details of our lives? How should we have for the rest of his family and friends, take care of his wife and children’s time is endless, website update management and promotion work to occupy? Our health in the endless online life loss? Eyesight dropped, shoulder, cervical and lumbar problems…… Our hearts with Baidu and Google each algorithm adjustment, pluck, K and much suffering? In short, attributed to a problem: in order to this site I exactly how much, and how much of it has been worth,


everyone in the station to make money on the road assiduously, like pilgrims as devout and awe facing the search engine, countless times optimization and promotion, some people succeeded, and some people failed. Every small action of search engine, will mobilize thousands of grassroots fragile nerves, like getting into a deep quagmire unable to extricate themselves, in fact, the biggest winner is only one, that is the search engine.

said that, in fact, did not want to like me the grassroots webmaster heart cast a shadow, but I hope you in the heart of a road station to make money into the tranquil and quiet, with the now popular pet phrase is "to calm!". On the Internet, in fact, every webmaster is a hero, without us, where come so much Feng!

Liu Yu contains how to effectively operate micro-blog enterprises to establish brand image

micro-blog marketing more and more enterprises by the pro gaze, enterprises have been stationed in micro-blog, micro-blog wants to establish a brand image, enhance brand competitiveness. However, for new micro-blog marketing companies, familiar with micro-blog’s function, and has the magnitude of the fan skills are easy; but the micro-blog marketing brings real concern for the enterprise, and brand communication is not an easy thing.

with the development of micro-blog, micro-blog marketing tools and software is also increasing, but these are not enough to help enterprises carry out marketing activities smoothly. In order to operate micro-blog effectively, enterprises must establish systematic science, which is essential to meet their own content strategy. No content, content, but can not express, I do not know what Internet users pay attention to. This is an important problem for enterprises to operate micro-blog, ignoring the content and strategy of system science. To effectively operate the enterprise, micro-blog is totally out of the question.

The relationship between

fans and you is not a single contact, but a contract. Fans are willing to powder, you will represent the content of your expectations, I think your content can be of value to themselves. Originality, fun, and usefulness are one of the things that must be at least one of micro-blog’s corporate content strategies that will allow fans to be interested in you, recognize you, and maintain good relationships with you. When you continue to release the real value to the fans, naturally established enterprise micro-blog’s image in the minds of users, which can communicate with the fans more effectively, identify the real value of the enterprise fans from, and maintain their relationship, establish a brand image.

and how to do it? Liu Yu contains two methods:

first, content is king

first of all, micro-blog needs special maintenance, dissemination of valuable content, fans attractive, useful here can be interesting, valuable information, helpful information. Second, the more frequently updated, the better. Because fans are limited attention, if you want to accurately convey the content, you can master three time periods to update, from 11 noon to 1 points, from 4 to 5 p.m., from 7 to 9 p.m..

fans are most active at this time. Third, in the maintenance of content to live, and do not appear rigid product information. It is worth mentioning here is that micro-blog’s original content, original content is required however ability; the one hand to understand the business and brand itself, understand the products and competing products, understand the target consumer group, micro-blog and fans; on the other hand it must be possible to compile the micro-blog high quality content after the accumulation of knowledge and skills.

precisely because of this, many companies like to reprint micro-blog when they operate it. Reprinted this convenient means to become a lot of enterprises micro-blog maintainer commonly used method. Not to say that this is undesirable, and that it is a good method when the enterprise is inadequate. But, what should notice is reprint, should choose those to be able to represent oneself meaning

Grass roots experience Tips for rapid growth of web traffic

I read a lot of websites about how to improve the site traffic rapidly, mostly talk about the site location, take a good name, the keywords selected site, and then determine their own domain name, that is very thorough, about the very place. However, we have done the site, that is because the first step to give an untimely help, we could not again!

for already built a website, how should we do? Below I combine oneself to build "Hao623 home of Internet" experience, talk about oneself shallow practice, perhaps help to you,


first, the content of the website is to increase the core of traffic

people on the Internet are to find and appreciate what they need, if your site is not what people look at the left, there is no repeat, then your website is just ten thousand flow, also can only be a small station, my "Hao623 Internet home".

1, re locate your website and build your own

you can reconsider your site will be suitable for what kind of group, so you have to adjust the content of the website, because I had just started to build "Hao623 Internet home" did not think too much, just want to use as a favorite, after a friend reminded to re adjust the the positioning of the site.

2, study their own website statistics

often study their own website statistics, to see where people come in, and where to go out, on which pages stay longer. Doing so will help us find what people want and make it easier for us to adjust the content of the site.

3, production hot topic

is a hot topic attracting people’s focus, you can target people near a stage is very concerned about the topic made a hot topic related to each other, such as the previous stage "Edison Chan" "pornographic" topic more, making this topic is to make your site of the old customers can stay at home can feel the outside world, it is conducive to the stability of their website customer groups.

4, reasonable paging

in the "Hao623 home internet forum, I began to send their own novel Posts easy, took a post to limit the number of the biggest changes in the text into 200 thousand bytes, then forward a novel" widow and widow "spring: my landlord, the article is easy, open the page speed has become slowly, no one wants to see. Reasonable paging can improve your page speed, but also can make your customers stay in your site longer, but also improve the site of PV, Why not?? but not for paging and paging, paging is a double-edged sword, accidentally will make your customer dissatisfaction. This point, must be careful!

5, adding original content >

Entrepreneurship failed. Look at these bad habits

at work, everyone has his or her own habits, but some bad habits can be a barrier to achieving your goals. Here are eight common bad habits in the workplace. Although they are not as disruptive as alcohol and drug abuse, they definitely prevent you from achieving success in your career.

one, work dilatory,

, a reputable art designer, always leaves work late, but he does not realize that punctuality is of equal importance to the quality of his work. In the present enterprise, each person’s work often does not have to wait until the former person to complete its division of labor part to begin. If you drag in the competition, other people will no longer depend on you, or even start to resent you, abandon you.

two, poorly prepared,

must you sell what you want to buy? Unless you investigate the market thoroughly, that kind of thinking will only lead to failure. A well made cart, leather whip is a handicraft, and it must be good to hang in the living room, but if your customers have no interest in horses and carriages, don’t always mention your whip.

three, can’t stick it out,

, a fairly successful fitness club manager, told me that he no longer attended management lectures, and that the lectures were very good, but it was rarely effective for employees to implement the new rules. My view is that if new technologies are really important, managers should have enough time to try to achieve them.

four, no learning,

success is not that they make fewer mistakes than others, but that they do not repeat the mistakes of the past. What we learn from mistakes is often more than what we have successfully taught. It is a pity to make mistakes without learning from them and give up such valuable educational opportunities in vain. Before you learn from your mistakes, you must admit your mistakes. Unfortunately, many people refuse to accept them.

five, capable, unattractive,

with the increase of age, more and more people love and have a certain ability and people not amiable and easy of approach, those clever but arrogant. I know an extremely clever management consultant, because he is not good interpersonal and fail again and again, he is full of complaints: "according to my performance to judge me, don’t care for my attitude. I am not such a flatterer." He does not understand the charm of the people to remain calm, rather than to teach people the sycophant. With his ability and qualifications, he could board the boat of success, but he missed it.

six, be a nice guy,

if you are always in order to please others yes, then you will lose the respect of people. When you lose the respect of others, it’s difficult to regain it. Occasionally saying "no" in front of people you disagree with while maintaining flexibility and staying at work is also a way to gain respect. A headhunter often says "no" to applicants because people are interested in

Hualong Xiang Qian Yu development of two or three city local site

news December 4th, to "innovation, integration and development as the theme of the second session of Chinese and local industry website summit will be held on December 2010 4-5 in Hangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center held overseas sea, more than 3000 professionals from all walks of life from the Internet, webmaster, media and guests to participate in this event, Admin5 webmaster General Assembly as cooperation the media to participate in the full report, the following is the speech of general manager Qian Yu long lane.


general manager of Hua Long Xiang Qian Yu

Hello, first of all to thank the organizers of the conference of the Ali group and PHPWIND here provides such a good opportunity to communicate and share to everyone, today from all corners of the country place for a friend, certainly looking forward to today’s meeting has been for a long time, because we really have to get together after a half year. This year, the Internet industry has experienced a lot of difficulties, including a lot of supervision of the national policy, including the entire Internet other circumstances. But the development of local and industry website, has been a main topic in the two years of development, especially the two or three line of the city, we saw almost every city there were three or four or more sites, a thriving atmosphere.

not long ago I saw the teacher Hu Yanping said, only the end of the service life, information, and consumer applications, and is a combination of shopping, so its development space is unthinkable, is a very large space for development. From the words you can see, in fact from another level can understand, industry websites and local websites, wireless Internet and traditional Internet, they are likely to get in the intersection of local website, although today our website is called a local website and forum, the development trend of the Internet is actually very accord with the purpose of today’s meeting the.

back to the rational look at the current situation, the market is very big, everyone can see, all personal webmaster, traditional media, Internet enterprises, to enter the Internet business, is not thinking about some problems like


site is what kind of website form? It is the forum? It is the community? It is a news site? Business website in your city? For the local site? How to do in the same city, tens of thousands of similar website Web site how personal talent shows itself, surpassing the traditional media in a short time, how to hand money market


today, I would like to share my own development ideas, and please criticize me.

, first of all, is a review of the current Internet environment.

I think the Internet now is in the "Warring States period", the first point, I think it is common opportunities are fewer and fewer, as we all know, whether IM or electronic commerce, or game, each field is big master, the fan.

Discussion local website promotion — sanbanfu

the Internet is getting hotter and hotter, changing our lives all the time. In recent years, when hot and cold, the website has been a model for the grassroots webmaster to test the water. As a veteran of Internet users of the Internet, I can not get rid of the temptation also try to do a local website, in the process of operation, there are many places that owners feel confused, they are not sure of some local community two or three lines and the lower level whether there is no prospect, can create value and use value for businesses and netizen? In giants fight in survival and success can not be an exception and counter attack? The same in the confusion in the information that the * * who can identify local needs; G. Who can leverage value levers?. Don’t stare at the giants, because they haven’t found you yet, and you’re already doing something they haven’t done or even done, and their gaps are your values. And this has been led by the local class site, the smaller the region, the more they can grow in their blind spots. You’re local. You know the local better than the giant.

below I * * information groping summed up some experience with you the same feeling released webmaster share share. Writing is limited, to the point, when we use the search engines, often in local web site operators and local search website promotion are some textbook, plainly, dry cargo too little, I would not in those methods described. Let me say something about my method.

I * * information "is a local site * * ‘area, when the site is not formed, there is only one local website in the traditional paper media in deus ex real estate websites, and has been profitable, this is also I to the local site with confidence opportunity. In addition to this site, it is Baidu’s stick, the monthly active Posts posted up to three hundred thousand people. And the local population is less than one million. This shows that there is very large network demand. After the site debugging, on-line and other types of Web sites, the original content, quality of the chain. Not one by one. If your website doesn’t do that, it only means that you’re


is different from other people. I’ve done three things that nobody else has taught you on the internet. These three axes are

;The first

axes; contact the local computer installed stores, to cooperate with them installed to the default site as we are the promotion of the website, to each computer store every day to install ten sets of computer as an example, if you contact ten, then every day is one hundred, and the one hundred is one hundred fixed IP. Because of the need to help others, the installation of the system will not change the default home page, of course, as much as possible to do a little bit of home site friendly, so that people can not be thought of trying to change the home page. Specifically how to work with the computer city, that is, cats have cat Road, dogs have dogs road. You can do this without paying any money. That’s only for you.


second ax; economically permitted, customize some water cups, cards, bags, and bags

How does the server affect the weight of the website

we all know how high the weight of a web site is, and there are many factors involved. In general, we can start with the most basic, to see the impact of server weight on the site, in the end there are large and what server factors will affect our site rankings.

generally speaking, before we plan to do a website, we have to spend some time to select an almost perfect space or server. General grassroots webmaster, if there is no special requirements, the general virtual space can be satisfied. So we buy in the virtual space, goods than three, to choose cost-effective, stable speed, of course, this is the most important! So we have to buy a virtual space is laborious, high prices can not afford to buy, the price is low quality and afraid of the virtual space, really do not give


I tried to buy a virtual space, it is 200 yuan a year, is about 5G flat-share space, at that time I did not want to buy too much, the main value of its large capacity, it can also speed. But after buying it, because I was in the wee hours of the morning found that the website access speed is very slow, so second days to ask what is the reason of customer service, customer service said that under a question, this is because the morning may be serious users in the occupied CPU resources may be collected, because of the speed of a snail.

access speed is very slow space, not only will affect the spider crawling, but also affect the user’s access experience. When you respond to a web site for more than 5 to 8 seconds, you may choose to close the page, which will result in a loss of users and a loss of reputation for the site. Speed is the key,


so I think when you’re buying, check out how many websites are running in the server in the IP address of this virtual space. This method, you can search Baidu. After the query, you want a site for Baidu site, to see how the amount included in these sites, see if the site has not been plucked! This is very important, because before I have an experience, is where I should exist at the same time the server in more than 130 sites, and most of the site is not accessible or is K, there is a Baidu included quantity is more than 20 thousand, but is a dumpster, but a few days later the station will be Baidu pull hair! So I think other websites with a IP address will seriously affect your website, that if I have the experience deeply! You can have a single IP address of the

that is best!

and I think in the purchase of virtual space, to consider your site about how much capacity, do not covet the virtual space in the virtual space of large volume, large capacity is not good Oh, when your space capacity is almost full, you can choose to upgrade space Oh, so in the purchase of virtual space, some to consider according to their actual situation now!

, in the end, an example is that my website has more than 130 sites on the same IP

How to improve the popularity of personal blogs

personal traffic is the driving force of personal website construction, traffic can be converted to income, and make our greater energy into the operation and development of personal websites. We see a lot of successful personal blog one day over W traffic, we also see a lot of personal blog bloggers will not a pool of stagnant water, power sharing update. How do we improve the flow of personal blogs,


first, focus. Personal blogs are different from personal websites. The blog need to focus on a field or an industry analysis, even a special point of view, the content has strong originality and finishing, even after foreign language translation through their own home, which belongs to the category of personal blog. Web site is different, you can either like it or not, the framework is established, completely numb update collection, and later promotion, to flow and advertising revenue coexist. Blogs need to focus on getting more of your peers to agree on your point of view, often getting back to visit, commenting on your articles, and reprinting your views, causing a certain impact on celebrity and traffic coming along.

second, speculation. Because blogs are original, of course, the weight is quite high, even if you send a blog today, tomorrow will be included, and have a better ranking. We need to draw on this and write it out in terms of title, keywords and content, depending on the user’s attention. In this way, your user access will be quite a bit. This requires Bo to be good at finding your focus on the industry, as well as the ability to identify key words.

third, exchange links. Blog is the need to exchange links, friends and exchange of recommendations can bring traffic. The difficulty of exchanging links may be felt by everyone. It’s hard to exchange links. How to exchange links for this, itbruce share with you next time. Friends between the circle is very important, if you do not have, you will be through the soft text, links, platforms, B2B and other slowly improve themselves, and wait for some degree of exchange of links. Weight and flow equal attention.

traffic into income, we build win power. (author: ItBruce; Original:; reprinted; annotated source. Thank you)

Anhui webmaster lecture fourth Cai Liwen website promotion and operation of the six points of experi

Anhui Internet Alliance ( before the organization of the Anhui 08 station will success also mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses of Anhui station. Due to time reasons, the fourth phase of the Anhui station special lecture has been successfully concluded today (2008.12.18) at 14:30. This issue, we have now well-known online production BANNER, I pull the CEO Cai Liwen, participate in lecture group number: 47065533, speech theme: website promotion and operation. The webmaster to actively participate in the crowd of 500 people soon full.

this lecture also in Anhui webmaster SNS above carries on the entire text broadcast, many local master participated in the on-line Watch:

text live address:; uid=1& do=blog& id=10612

, Cai Liwen, arrived punctually at 14:30, saying: "it’s nice to be able to communicate with everyone and thank the old K for the opportunity.". Today I talked to you about what I have shared with you. Everybody is doing a website, I also do website, I just begin to do 18 months or so, here have a lot of stationmaster that do a lot more than me. I do, I pull WWW.55.LA, now most of the webmaster know, this basically I summarized the following six points.

Cai Liwen goes on to elaborate on these six points:

is the first and most important is your "plan" is the first in your plan! How big goals do the corresponding plan, for example, my goal is 1 years 1W second years to start the 5000 world ranking. Followed by the executive power, executive power, I want to say is that, now do stand more people, it can not be the same as before, you do a station, others come. You have to do better than others, do a lot better, people will come to see your station. It is now found that many people do part-time jobs, not to say that part-time jobs are bad, but that part-time jobs are much less productive and less time intensive than full-time ones. Therefore, we suggest that if you want to do your station well, as your career to do, I choose to do full-time. I gave up my 6 year click on the web IDC server space business and worked full-time on my network.

second points to promote: 1, friendship links – to speed up keywords included: links, which is very important to the site, my friendship links are mostly money to buy. I usually start buying PR larger than 1 because I started with 0. Next, I’m 1, and I’ll go and buy 2, and so on and so on. My PR is here for 618 months. and ADMIN5 are both. 2, picture ads – to improve the image, this requires big rules

Analysis of WeChat public platform account establishment process

WeChat is a mobile phone chat software launched by Tencent Inc in 11. Because of the simple function of WeChat at that time, people simply used to send voice, SMS, video, pictures and text. Later, 12 years, Tencent Inc in WeChat on the basis of the new public number and service number and other functional modules, WeChat has become one of the enterprises and people to promote network marketing. At this time, individuals and enterprises can build a WeChat public number, through platform certification, to achieve two-dimensional code subscription, news push, brand communication, etc.. Well, WeChat platform account is how to build it? Do not know the friends, you can follow the Nanning Love asked webmaster to understand.

one, login WeChat public platform web page, registered WeChat public number

The basic steps of

are as follows: fill in the basic information, mailbox activation, information registration, select type (choose service number or subscription number), public number information,

in front of a few steps, as long as the above fill in the true can be, and generally no big problem. To the service number and subscription number selection type, Nanning love ask webmaster simple and everyone brief explanation, in order to prepare for WeChat marketing friends have a general understanding.

service number: applicable to enterprises, governments and other organizations. It can only send a group of messages a month, the information sent to the user will be displayed in the user’s chat list, and the user will receive a message reminder for the first time, and you can apply for custom menu.

subscription number: applies to media and individuals. The day can send a message, can build a better relationship between the enterprise and the readers, but the user does not send messages receive instant messages to remind, cannot apply for a custom menu, can only maintain the status quo.

knowledge development:

what is the custom menu at the bottom: developers can use this function to the public accounts of the conversational interface increased navigation column, users click on the page in the menu option, can bring up the corresponding reply message or web links.

note: the public number can not be modified by choice unless the registered public number is registered as the default number and can be upgraded to service number. Set method is as follows, landing WeChat platform, click the settings account information, find "upgrade to service number" these words can. (attached to the following picture)


two, login account, improve WeChat account function,

WeChat account registration, landing. We can see a page like the figure below.


left, respectively, function, management, service, statistics, settings and other five columns. The first thing we need to do is to click the "advanced function" button in the "function" (figure below).

China’s first overseas students to sell word website

five thousand words network founder Shi Rui is proud to say, "China has five thousand years of history and culture, and the text China culture since ancient times is the most important part of the development of communication, so I decided to a website named" five thousand words ", Chinese five thousand years of culture, our website will sell 5000 words, this is the first word China selling website".

, a small overseas student in China, is a sophomore majoring in electronic computer science at University of Toronto, Canada. He has achieved excellent results in his studies. As a result of family conditions, when I went to Canada to study, I only took one year’s study and living expenses. The original motive for this idea was to pay tuition at the start of the school year in September.

Toronto Information Port reporter then opened the five thousand words of the home page, a word selling price 200 yuan, clear handwriting immediately appear in front of journalists.

"Our service is 10 years, so the daily publicity costs are only 5 cents," explains

stone. At present, the five thousand word network has established a cooperative relationship with more than 20 home and abroad websites, which means that users who buy text will get long-term stable traffic".

when asked "do you believe that five thousand words must be successful?", Shi Rui is confident that our price is quite low, at the same price, our publicity over hundreds of thousands of times faster than other forms of propaganda. I have reason to believe that while the website is successful, we will give our customers a pleasant surprise."

at the same time, stone Rui said that this is his own creativity, not to learn any one, China is the first, the world is also the first.

in terms of the Internet economy, innovation is constant and the sole motive force for the continued prosperity of the internet. Moreover, it seems that the rational use of this power on the Internet will make a gathering place for wealth.

modern Chinese Internet market, law of the jungle, the crocodile elephant, we are full of money, financing, grab market share, playing the game of capital. And when people are becoming more familiar with the Internet, many young people can’t stand loneliness. Although they are small, they are flexible and original. With them, a large number of Internet innovation model is constantly fast derivative, it is enough to tune people’s appetite.

in the Internet world in the birth of countless creativity, the five thousand word network as a rather novel theme, to China’s Internet has brought another cool. And not to mention whether the five thousand word network will be successful, only small students Shi Rui creative and entrepreneurial passion is worthy of recognition. edit original text:

How to establish network brand

this time in writing, every day in the study, and then write on it, because I was a young boy studying marketing more than 20 days, although in this line is not a long time but I have confidence to take every step, because there is no one to teach, sometimes feel special detours but I don’t believe I can not learn something, nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it, not one year two years three years… For your persistence and pride…

well do not say so much heart speech, then enter our happy moment: "99399 friends together, to experience the wonderful life, happy you and me" lucky 52 something real joke, Li Yong laughed down! PART1: a couple, guess the name of the food, the old woman gestures guess husband. On the big screen, jump out " steamed bread " a word, wife Description: round, white, can eat husband:…… Wife continues to describe: "that is white, soft, you last night to eat!" the husband seems to be anxious, and blurted out: "" Mimi; "" Li Yong laughed down.

today, let’s go on with our study yesterday and talk about how to build your own brand in the internet.

on the basis of ensuring a good product, the formation of network brand can be summed up into one, strengthening the unified image of the company and website, and constantly repeating and appearing in front of Internet users.

first, I feel it, the website to design a fixed sign to several forms, such as website logo, advertising publicity slogans, trademark, name or domain name, as well as in the life of the company pictures, publicity page, envelopes etc.. These external manifestations are the basis for Internet users to distinguish other websites. However, once these signs are determined, do not make changes, as long as the Internet users to do a unified reinforcement. As I said yesterday, when the Internet users want to do something about it, however, it just coincides with the content of your website, and the first one in your mind shows your website. Let the Internet users need to think of you, do not need to talk about you.

From the

website design, website logo, the fixed position of your trademark, slogan will appear in your web site on the web, including color, typography Dudu website to reach a unified style. Can also be used in the mail, the sender’s address and address, company name, etc. should be unified. Also, the display ads in the network should also deliberately highlight the site’s logo or domain name. In fact, now the network advertising practical efficiency in the continuous decline, but in the visual impact and the coverage of advertising, also can make the potential user’s eyes constantly appear, even if the user does not click, but at least let users increase to the brand impression.

forum can also increase the network brand image. In related websites, forums and websites, you can answer questions and answer questions. When these Internet users get your help, they can do good publicity for you, and…