How to do silver jewelry development prospects

in recent years, the traditional silver products are more and more popular with young women, but now the lack of brand on the market, the scale is not enough, and our national awareness of silver jewelry is generally small. So for entrepreneurs now invest in silver jewelry to make money? The whole business of the small series for your analysis.

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What business is better to do inside the district

a lot of people want to do business, but do not know what business is better, in fact, you can find business opportunities in the District, there are a lot of business to do in the District, the district where to do business? In the urban population of the District, the need to open a home shop is a good choice to make money. The most suitable to do business in the area of housewives or retired people at home easily, convenient and can make money! What do you do good business district?

District what to do business? Waterless car cleaning

the project does not require high skills, large investment, and does not waste water resources, without any pollution, just order special detergent can be. The main method is: first use of water-saving washing machine (can be ejected gas, similar blower) cars on the earth to blow, and then the " super car washing water; " (special configuration liquid) spray evenly on the surface of the paint, use the wet towel or sponge to wipe the car, and then polishing towel or dry towel polishing, dirty car will soon be bright. For the more dirty and difficult to clean the chassis, engine, tires and other parts, can be made with a special car foam dry cleaning machine.

District what to do business? Planting

is looking for a piece of land at the junction of the urban and rural areas, to invest in the cultivation of asparagus, Artemisia, Ma Lan, shepherd’s purse, green food, small investment, quick, broad market, low technical content, easy to master. City and adapt to consumer needs, in line with national vegetable basket project.

District what to do business? " family rental " shop

for the current trend of aging society, open home " family rental " shop, specifically for the elderly service, the prospect is considerable. The main content of the project includes two aspects, one is the temporary rental " family members " with the aged, chat, dinner time, relieve their loneliness and loneliness; the two is to provide temporary services, such as shopping, cooking, shopping, accompanied by a doctor, escort. Rent a stationary front room, prepare a telephone and other necessary office supplies, and then hire a number of different levels of staff to open business. The hired staff usually can not work in the store, but need to be on call. Can also train a number of fixed service personnel to deal with the daily affairs of the store.

District what to do business? Open beer bar

in the heat of summer, people are willing to drink a few cups of cool and delicious beer. Entrepreneurs can choose in the street square, park corner or residential area of the free zone, put a few umbrellas, put on tables and chairs and beer, open a beer bar. Need to buy a set of equipment to make ice beer

Ziyang bright kitchen stoves this year is expected to complete 1000

food safety issues, has been plagued by social. Many consumers eat out, are worried about food safety problems. This time, Ziyang bright kitchen stove is expected to be completed this year, 1000, will promote the further development of food safety.

city this year will be completed at least 1000 bright kitchen stoves construction tasks. Among them, Yanjiang District 300, Lezhi County, 300, Anyue County, 400.

to 2017, all food and beverage service units in Ziyang bright kitchen stoves to complete 60%, completed in 2018, completed in 80%, in 2019. School canteens, large restaurants, large restaurants, as well as the newly established and transformation of catering units, school canteens, the first to take the lead in installation.

According to

reports, "Ming Liang kitchen stove", is through the transparent glass walls, wall partition, video and other forms of the kitchen, the kitchen directly display or display through the network, take the initiative to accept the supervision of consumers, safeguard the people’s right to know, the right of supervision.


initiative is conducive to the restaurant owners to fulfill the first responsibility for food safety responsibilities, improve the management level; to carry out supervision by network, to solve the problem of shortage of personnel supervision, improve the supervision efficiency, integrated into the smart city construction.

currently the city has completed the bright kitchen stoves 574 engineering transformation, including transparent kitchen 157, cut off the kitchen of the family, the video kitchen 294. The next step, the city will be through the comparison, the introduction of large state-owned enterprises to participate in the support of the Ming Liang kitchen stove "construction, the introduction of enterprise equipment quality, customer service service to the catering units to make a public commitment, restaurant owners try to reduce investment, promote food safety social cohabitation.

in the process of economic development, although we have achieved some success. However, many problems still need us to carry out effective solutions in a timely manner, in order to make our market environment more healthy, in order to make our food security be better protected!

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How to communicate with customers Learn to draw customers

in the business, the process of doing business, the customer is a key element, and our business success is directly linked, how to communicate with customers? Learn to draw customers? This is very important, the following may wish to learn together!

"when my clients give me what I’m going to tell them when the phone?"

This is the

Although the

"I will be with you to solve this problem". A customer service worker who had worked at a telecommunications company told me that the company could limit the number of employees per call within two minutes. If the conversation exceeds the prescribed time, they may be disciplined or dismissed. He said: "so, when the time is close to 2 minutes, they will put the phone on the shelf, and then the client will be transferred to a

What work should be done to open a men’s shop

want to shop to make money, it is necessary to do a good job of preparation, open men’s stores are also the same. In the open men’s franchise, you have to determine what kind of business, what kind of shop and so on, so do the overall planning is very important. Men’s clothing store to prepare what? Let’s take a look.

The overall planning of

confirm the necessary procedures after opening


The above is about



Xiaobian teach you how to open a good auto parts company

today Xiaobian specially for you to answer how to drive a car accessories shop? Now more and more people want to join the automotive service industry, so for the automotive service industry what is the most profitable? I was most probably it did not actually happen car accessories, Xiaobian visited a car accessories company for many years to interview look, he is how to say


is also very important in the selection of the auto parts store. Such a shop must be open to the street, traffic is also very large, to choose around the auto parts market has been formed, such as the car market next to the 4S shop and other places. For our country is now more mature stores is the Pacific Auto parts wholesale market, Hanyang Economic Development Zone Haitian Auto Parts City, and so on, where the customer is very much.

for purchase channels, we have to look at the type of car, for some good brand can choose local accessories, for a better modern ah what in Beijing pick good. The shop owner must understand the car accessories, what is the most easily damaged parts, requires a lot of inventory, we can purchase directly to the agent, so the price is relatively high profits.


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The story of college student village official and black peony

around in our life there are some very extraordinary entrepreneurs, they often have some super extraordinary entrepreneurial experience, the next will introduce such an entrepreneur is very extraordinary.

How can

"I don’t know, that’s our baby!" in Huaibin Fang Hu Zhen, if you ask you from the "Black Peony", people will say a smile. Black peony is not a nickname, not flowers, but the local people to get rich magic weapon – Yu Nan black pig.

2009, Zheng Jiancheng as a college student village official, when the road along the village committee assistant.

in the years of practice, Zheng Jian found in the remote hometown, there is a native black pig, very valuable. So the initiation of the idea of breeding local ecological black pig.

he soon, despite family opposition, raised 500 thousand yuan, the transfer of land 100 acres, of which 80 acres of planting grass as green forage planting base. At the same time, the high price of the acquisition of 50 black pig in the town, named Changxin ecological black pig, began his ecological pig road. Under the careful breeding of Zheng Jian, black pig production and breeding good, but not the family and the villagers expected, the sale of his headache.

2010, perplexed Zheng Jian in the Midwest pig fairs, met the famous Jin Ren Ren – Lord of the flies, and joined the first community support national farm she founded the "new people’s commune", the use of community support for farm, open the selling market, attracting a large number of high-end consumer groups, pork supply, ushered in the Zheng Jian ecological farming soil pig spring. Henan black pig is also due to eat grains, meat taste good, high nutritional value, ecological security, high economic value, the locals dubbed the pig in the black peony".

to lead more rich folks, generate economies of scale, in December 2010, Zheng Jian organized under the village along the road incorporated the "anti Hu Zhen Changxin ecological farming cooperatives, registered capital of 2 million yuan, up more than 30 households in the village and nearby members. Cooperatives to members of the unified provision of pigs, unified technical guidance, unified sales, unified epidemic prevention and other services. And registered the "old black" brand ecological black pig trademark.

To promote enterprise and entrepreneurship employment recruitment in Yinchuan city can enjoy subsidi

employment is always an important work in these two years, the government of provinces and cities, in order to promote the development of this work is the tricks in the city of Yinchuan, the recruitment of enterprises and entrepreneurs can receive subsidies.

the flexible employment of graduates are eligible for social insurance subsidies


real business subsidies can arouse people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, really help entrepreneurs solve the problem of venture capital, policy support, entrepreneurship is so convenient.


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Tianjin innovation and entrepreneurship theme publicity 9 policies to support entrepreneurship

2016 innovation and entrepreneurship work needs to be more in-depth, Tianjin has entered a comprehensive innovation and entrepreneurship. In order to allow more people to learn more about innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulate people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, human resources and social security policy theme publicity campaign has been launched!

for in-depth promotion of human social security policies, promote the implementation of the policy, to better benefit the people’s livelihood, this year the city human social security bureau to carry out the human resources and social security policy in the theme of promotional activities. This print from March to publish the employment, personnel, social security and other human resources and social security policies.

to extend students start to support the deadline. Will be extended to support college students 2 years before graduation and after graduation for 5 years.

, content of innovation and entrepreneurship training. Vocational training package to develop new business training content to meet the needs of different entrepreneurial groups and different stages of entrepreneurial training needs. To participate in the training of qualified certificate, giving training fee subsidies to entrepreneurship training institutions in accordance with the standard 500 yuan per person to participate in the training, entrepreneurial success within half a year, according to the number of successful entrepreneurs entrepreneurship training institutions to give subsidies 1000 yuan / person.

Provide business loans to support

. The small loans adjusted for business loans, independent entrepreneurs can apply for a maximum of 300 thousand yuan of business loans, the loan period not exceeding 2 years, discount loans in accordance with the provisions of the above; has successful entrepreneurship and promote employment 5 entrepreneurs operate in a stable, may be given a maximum of not more than 500 thousand yuan of loans to support. The conditional county should establish the credit guarantee mechanism of College Students’ entrepreneurial loans.

To give

of college founded enterprises to absorb college graduates graduation within 2 years and pay social insurance premiums in accordance with the provisions, according to the employment number can apply for a one-time business employment subsidy standards for each employs 1 people 3000 yuan subsidies, the highest total of not more than 30 thousand yuan; or for employment for 1 years of job subsidies and 3 years of social insurance subsidies.

to give rent subsidies. College students receive business license and rental housing production and operation, according to the standard of 1800 yuan per month to grant rent subsidies, the longest no more than 24 months.

to expand the scope of business support for college students. College graduates to the field of entrepreneurship, in accordance with the city’s green card policy, enjoy the same entrepreneurial support policies.

to give students in business incubator grant. In the city has a fixed incubator, the establishment of a management service team in accordance with the law, business incubation base construction area of not less than 200 recommended

What are the ways in which customer recognition is obtained in a shop


is shop sales, only to get the customer’s approval, so that the business can really hot up, however, how to get customer approval, this is undoubtedly the countless shops and sales personnel who concern. So, what is the way to get customer recognition?


care is another way of emotional opening. The customer is not God, they are your relatives, God you helpless, you will take care of relatives. The city is bigger and bigger, more and more professional people, is less and less relatives. If you care about your customers as relatives, they will trust you as relatives. Provocation, make things difficult, there will be no entanglement, the transaction will become silky natural.

pay more attention to change the weather outside, pay more attention to customer’s demeanor whether tired, pay more attention to the customer hand carry the weight of things, pay more attention to whether there are laoruobingcan.

moved a stool, poured a glass of water, saying that it did not rain outside the rain, it can warm the hearts of customers. If you define yourself as a professional salesman rather than a customer’s relative, the customer will doubt what you say, and he will define you as a machine that wants to sell things to him.

has a friend to go to Taishan to play, with a tour guide. He wanted to buy some souvenirs in the mountains, but the tour guide told him: "do not buy souvenirs here, here are many fake, too expensive, not worthwhile." Upon hearing this, we all feel that this guide is very good, it is for their sake, unlike other shopping guide blindly persuade tourists shopping. To the mountains, there are tourists ready to burn incense, the tour guide said: "do not burn incense here, here not only expensive, but also not necessarily ling." Visitors are very touched, met so concerned about their tour guide, said good luck.

then shopping guide inadvertently said: if you really want to burn incense, I take you to a place, we often go there to burn incense." At this time, all the tourists have completely trusted the tour guide. To the temple of the shopping guide, the person in charge said: pray for yourself only 88 yuan for the whole family to pray for $388." Family, of course, the whole family blessing to piggyback, so most choose 388 yuan of incense. The end, we found that the trick trick.

of course, this story is not to let everyone to use unscrupulous divisive tactics to achieve sales schemes and intrigues, but rather that the people are good, although the heart is also a tough, flexible fangcaode, their only way to impress is sincere concern.


everyone wants to be in his heart