Sichuan will set up a small and micro enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship Service Alliance

Chengdu is a venture capital, can promote the employment of various provinces advertised. In 2016, Chengdu will vigorously implement management policies, will set up Small and micro businesses innovation service alliance, to help more young entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial enterprises to obtain better development.

service after the establishment of the alliance, will build innovative entrepreneurship team, collecting a number of rich business experience and resources of successful entrepreneurs, well-known entrepreneurs, angel investors, experts and scholars as a Creative mentor, "one to one" in counseling.   since the proposed double policy in 2015, Chengdu’s economic development is rapid, therefore, to promote entrepreneurship employment and focus on the development of Chengdu in 2016, in the face of great entrepreneurial opportunity, entrepreneurial people have dreams, quickly into action!



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Women’s shoes store venture case sharing

investment in the future prospects of good shoes? Many businesses through the franchise to get a new development path, if you want to have a guaranteed business, select the project must be careful. Today Xiaobian share a wealth of examples, I hope to help you.

to Zhao entrepreneurship, has been for the investment project of things to worry about. Later, after the introduction of a good friend to understand the Myl shoes, and had a great interest. Because Zhao had engaged in the clothing business, with a keen insight into fashion and trends, she felt Myl shoes project must be feasible.

shoes stores are common in the market, consumers will generally look for the brand consumption, only the brand reputation is good, suitable for mass consumer, store business is not bad. The above case sharing hope to help you to invest in business, can not be missed.

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How about honey

women pay attention to beauty and health care, is not only more in cosmetics, health food, honey which is a kind of popular with female beauty products, not only the female consumers, honey marketing should be said to be the object for all health care focus on raising consumer groups.

With the improvement of the overall consumption level of the society, more and more consumers begin to favor the bee products which have the function of natural health care, and constantly promote the innovation and development of the

market. The expansion of demand, the company must be more abundant products into the market. However, because of the knowledge of high consumption of bee products, can not be sold in accordance with the conventional model, naturally formed their own unique way of marketing, monopoly, monopoly franchise system and brand and products based on the born. So how about flowers honey?

how to join flowers honey

A sunrise industry

flowers honey chain store franchise industry has a long history and development trend of the times, the store franchise industry has a bright future, future is in doubt, there is a store to join the industry reshuffle period and the survival of the fittest, and those who are not standardized, poor strength and quality the lack of profit model of the core stores joining enterprises will eventually be eliminated by the market.

Sales of

bee products first, this is like ten years ago, the milk industry, the country thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, dragons and fishes jumbled together thousands, and there are only several national brands, the other is the regional brand. Honey bee flowers brand stores to the advantage of the resources industry as the core, the next ten years, based on direct store steady development, will be the franchise business model as the core, to allow more people to use this platform to develop, grow and achieve personal wealth dream, to achieve the goal of stores to join the "old beekeepers bee the world"


hundred flowers honey to join, a really good business projects, joining fees in the 3-5 million, 000 yuan can join. Its low barriers to join, join less requirements. The store has covered 22 provinces and autonomous regions, more than and 200 large and medium-sized city, has set up more than and 500 stores; monopoly products from the two categories of more than and 30 varieties of past development to the six categories of the more than and 130 varieties and specifications, to fully meet the needs of monopoly sales system.

How to obtain the profit of bedding agent

bedding agent how to gain profit? Skills and methods are very important, many investors have the idea of operating bedding, a good method of operation is very important, together with a detailed look at the introduction of the article!

display bedding product differentiation, customer relationship, active promotional activities, affordable integration services, is the main concern of bedding solution operators attention. Attach importance to the role of bedding agency, has long been the consensus of the people, bedding agency business has become a bedding marketing model is widely used.

let bedding agency increment, must make new adjustments according to the current market situation of management of bedding agency, make a new marketing agency in bedding. The bedding market is increasing year by year, open bedding agency investors grasp the correct method of operation, to good use in practice, bedding agency stores will be much more smoothly.

Take its attractive irony at large the better to apprehend him


name for a store what it means? Different operators may have different views, attention will naturally be different. In fact, the name as a carrier, it is not in every hour and moment to passers-by to transmit information. So for the customer, a sufficiently impressive name than the length of the shop introduction more practical and useful.

Xiao Wu home snack bar boss, don’t look at him now, business is booming, but in the shop at the beginning, but faced a lot of difficulties in business.

as a result of today’s factories, so the factory opened around a variety of restaurants. What is not worth the attraction of Xiao Wu snack bar, naturally will soon be buried in this little corner. The tepid business barely let Xiao Wu is very dangerous.

one day, he saw above some well-known shops found when reading a newspaper, there are a lot of similarities between them, it is an impressive name, such as "Goubuli" and "Chou Niu", he was inspired from. He looked at his own sign: Xiao Wu snack shop.

of course, this world is called Xiao Wu to the more, but it is not what celebrities, and just start, who will remember this sign? Xiao Wu, after much deliberation, finally thought to take a name of their people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory stores: strange unpalatable snack. Since the normal operation is not up to the effect, then why not in the name of up to a one hundred and eighty degree turn, ironic.

changed the name, "strange disgusting" snack soon attracted the attention of passers-by. What are the characteristics of the snacks? Since changed its name, there are often many guests to the store to experience, point a few dishes taste, see this strange unpalatable snack how terrible? From then on, Xiao Wu’s "strange disgusting" snack sales began to rise.

revelation: "name of potential

at large the better to apprehend him."

1, reverse naming. Methods the name of all sorts of strange things, as long as it is able to seize the attention of consumers, a good way and will not damage the image of his own shop the way is hundred-percent. Is the so-called "whether black or white, can catch mice are good cat." This inverse method is mainly adopted named Xiao Wu skillfully captures the consumer psychology to publicize their purpose. In the state of Oregon, there is a restaurant called "the worst".

although the restaurant has virtually no what originality, but it is by virtue of the "worst" for yourself a large number of customers have a gilded signboard. This method named reverse if used properly, than those "every 3 >

Investigation report on the work of science and technology of young immigrants in the reservoir area

innovation and entrepreneurship work to achieve more efficient implementation, it is necessary to take the policy implementation of the problem, the city’s innovation and entrepreneurship work is very detailed. The following is a survey of the city reservoir youth migration technology entrepreneurship.

A main effect of

they have abundant entrepreneurial experience and a certain degree of capital accumulation, so they will venture more intense, entrepreneurial thinking become more active, and make it become an important force in Entrepreneurship and innovation; the successful practice of youth migration, but also indirectly led to other masses of immigrants entrepreneurial enthusiasm, more young immigrants actively participate to "set sail", entrepreneurs continue to expand.

Open a home style shop layout

bar due to the huge pressure for modern people to provide spiritual relief, and enjoy life, and rapid hot market, market is very optimistic, many investors also look here, so if a rustic style bar, the shop should be how to layout?

"local customs bar", mainly the sale of "local customs" and "local flavor", business success, the layout of the store accounted for 60% of the time.

bar inside the ground can be available cheap cheap pebbles or large, the size of the bluestone paved, wall hanging some paper-cut, New Year paintings, a portrait of Chairman Mao is more atmosphere, because there are still many people hanging his portrait of the vast rural areas.

tables and chairs also pay attention to a few rough, not painting simple wood furniture, small bamboo chair (stool), small bamboo table can also be available; local flavor of red cloth or cloth, denim.

Old brands to consider more factors

in the Chinese time-honored traditional focus on the market, it is equivalent to a successful brand, so if there is investment, many investors want to be careless with one of them, in fact, these time-honored, does not mean that you can join the success factors need to be considered is also very much!

identify "time-honored"

"time-honored" due to lack of legal consciousness, the degree of attention for their own business goods and trademark is not enough, there are a large number of similar "time-honored".

to join them, "time-honored" is not only a sign, it is the wealth of the enterprise. If the franchisee is not careful, joined a "Li Gui" open "old", or "old"? Franchisee is not only difficult to obtain operating profit, more likely to be a lawsuit, trouble.

depends on its processing technology can be popularized in

"time-honored" to develop, is the first to solve the problem of product. Many of the early "time-honored" at birth, has many accidental and unexpected, in the product processing process is often only through some of the words and deeds of the sense of the standard, not by the data standardization process an accurate representation of the goods. The production of these ambiguous products led to the franchisee can not produce processing out of the old name of the refined products.

"time-honored" although has experienced hundreds of years of wind and rain, has deep processing technology, but "time-honored" if the chain, how can the first to popularize the first problem to be solved is the processing technology, how to produce the same goods, can be used with standard digital state otherwise probably just Huaquanxiutui franchisees learned, "

Ten bakery franchise brand recommended

you will find that if we give you a choice, if after retirement, let you shop, a bakery and a fast-food restaurant for your choice, many people tend to choose the former, because the bakery is more in line with their heart and enjoy life will.

of course, there are a lot of people would dream of opening a small bakery, a bread, a cup of hot drinks, carrying their own dreams. But the ideal is , the reality is skinny. Many bakeries are because of its poor management problems, how can this be good? In fact, bread stores can help you solve this problem, do not need too much money and experience, in the headquarters of the support, novices can easily do the boss, now bread stores market hot, which in the end the competitiveness of the brand, good reputation? Today we will take a look at


ten bakery brands recommend

1, European Wind sweet

European Wind sweet wheat is now a hot bread shop to join the brand, settled in Guangzhou for 20 years, has developed more than more than and 300 stores in the country’s major cities can be seen in the form of the European wind. European wheat sweet has a professional R & D team, continue to launch new products according to market changes, various category can meet the customer’s needs, no matter how the environment changes, the development of the European wind catcher can follow the pace of the market, seize the hearts of customers.

2, bread talk

bread new word has been the development of word of mouth, unified store management, standardization of the process of production of products, can give customers peace of mind at ease.

2, 85 degrees C

85 C the bread and drink a good combination, in the purchase of bread at the same time, you can also experience more tea, focusing on a one-stop customer service.

3, Santa Ana


Anna Hongkong brand, all products are uniform distribution by the headquarters, to ensure the taste and quality of unity, by many consumers.

4, Paris Bei sweet

Paris Bei sweet is Korea’s baking brand. Mainly engaged in authentic French bread, fresh sandwiches, delicious cake, pure coffee. After entering, with its high-quality five star products, attractive in the market.

5, good wheat


has many years of history to join the good wheat bakery, known for its good taste in bread products, brand stores.

Hu Xiaoli to provide convenient services to attract more customers

is running a number of goods, even if the attitude is good, because the competition is fierce, leading to a lot of shops are not ideal business. Therefore, only a few additional business, will make the store business is higher. And Hu Xiaoli’s choice is to provide convenient services, thereby attracting more customers.

my shop opened in the residential area of the urban district, the shop has 5 years of time, that is, from the real estate developers to buy the building after the start of the community. Shop mainly engaged in sugar, tobacco, tea, daily necessities, etc.. My district is mostly office workers and wage earners, consumption levels. Start the entire area is only two supermarkets, business is passable, but since last year has increased to a convenience store, more than one competitor, all of a sudden a lot of light. So, I began to take the road of complex operations, to enhance the popularity of the store to attract more consumers to spend.

first, I apply a collection courier business, sometimes express parcel, mail sent to the district customers home, they encounter are not at home when the postman sent it in the store, I helped them to keep a small blackboard in front of the store with the chalk mark today have a certain express, please as soon as possible to receive, they see the blackboard after coming back from the store to get my message again. I help the customer courier collection never charge fees, so we naturally and in the course of contacts with customers, enhance each other’s feelings, they will need to buy goods by some home to express when.

The second is to increase

, prepaid recharge business and apply for paying for utilities and other services, although this type of business can only earn a modest fee, but can facilitate the area where residents, provide convenient facilities for their stores, also win more popularity, the higher the popularity, naturally attract more customers. After the business, they always buy a pack of cigarettes, or a bag of washing powder, or other daily necessities.

In order to enhance the popularity of

, I also added a group of better sound in the shop, on the computer search for a variety of song name square dance, free time to imitate the above demonstration of the action and rhythm followed practice. After a period of practice, I finally learned a lot of square dance, so I called in the area of the aunt who had dinner here jump square dance, in order to exercise muscles, exercise fitness.

my this move attracted countless sister aunt who, after dinner every day they gathered to love me, I would let the wife see their own shop, led them jump square dance in the shop next to the open space, a pleasure of the mind, on the other hand increase the feelings between each other, so they also more willing to patronize my shop. Since I have added more than a few business, my shop business is booming, these complex trial operation has brought