The city was named the national advanced areas in the reform of the cultural system

In the recently held national cultural system reform work in recognition of the general assembly, Xining city was named the title of "advanced" national cultural system reform work, Xining City West District Cultural Center was named "advanced unit" title of national cultural system reform.

I since the reform of the cultural system to carry out the work, to strengthen leadership, careful arrangements, basis to rationalize the system, innovation mechanism, classification guidance, steady progress. According to the nature and function of existing culture, scientific classification and orientation of cultural institutions, strengthen the integration of resources, promote the intensive development of the city, various cultural units qualitative duty more clear, more accurate, more reasonable structure. In order to ensure the rapid development of the transformation of the state-owned art troupes after the annual financial support the establishment of a special fund 5 million yuan for the performing arts performances and creation. At the same time, the city government, enterprises and social capital into multiple, raising a total capital of nearly 600 million yuan, built the Qinghai Grand Theater, cultural theme park, people stage and other large cultural construction projects. We will continue to increase the construction of public cultural facilities in urban and rural areas, and organize and implement a number of key cultural projects. Successfully created Chinese · Qinghai Xining original ecological dance and modern dance festival, Chinese · Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival, the Cultural Festival, the evening show, China · Datong classic mountain flowers, the mother and the queen mother of the West worship ceremony and other large festival culture brand launched the "Spring Festival Fire"; "people, big stage" mass culture "brand, the Spring Festival’s fire" by the Ministry of culture awarded the national cultural activities of the masses "Stars Award"; the construction of the "eight petal lotus" Cultural Industry Park, folk culture street, a street in South Gate Dan jade cultural area, the cultural and Creative Industrial Park, started the Thangka, skin embroidery, Kunlun jade, silver and bronze and other folk product brands, has greatly improved the Xining as China xiadou visibility and influence.  

Real estate, the city’s economic growth stabilizer

From the first half of last year, affected by the favorable policies to stimulate the market demand for the release, the city real estate market relative to the national market rebound trend, real estate investment, real estate sales, second-hand housing transaction volume continues to maintain steady growth, the real estate industry has stabilized to play an important role in driving the economic development of our city in.

– 28 billion power of real estate development and construction in 2015, the Xining real estate market in promoting national and local market stable and healthy development of the policy, in the overall economic downturn, the domestic real estate market is very sluggish in the background, the trend, real estate investment sales than in 2014 increased significantly. The city’s total investment in real estate development completed 28 billion 43 million yuan, an increase of 13.6%, accounting for the city’s total investment in fixed assets of 21.64%, accounting for the province’s total investment in real estate development of 83.55%. Over 150 of the total development and construction projects. Especially since the second half of the year, with the provincial and municipal governments to guide the implementation of investment and consumption supporting policies, real estate investment momentum is more strong, market confidence has increased significantly.

– commercial housing sales growth of 15.31% at the same time, with the further implementation of RRR cuts, tax credits and other favorable policies, in shantytowns and key construction projects under the drive, I just need the market orderly release of contradictions of the real estate market oversupply eased further. 2015, the city’s real estate sales turnover of 3 million 537 thousand and 800 square meters, an increase of 15.31%. Commodity housing transaction area of 2 million 827 thousand and 400 square meters, an increase of 8.3%.

– open channel to the inventory with market gradually pick up, at the end of 2015 the city’s commercial housing inventory rose fell 5.92 percentage points lower than the same period. At the same time, the transformation of urban shantytowns resettlement work is also effective in promoting the commercial housing market to inventory, in 2015 through an open tender, 2440 sets of commodity housing purchase. 2016 will further increase the amount of commercial housing inventory through the resettlement efforts.

– the average price of commercial housing 4712 yuan / square meter to the end of last year, our commercial housing transaction price 6211 yuan / square meters, down 0.27%. Which commodity housing transaction price 4712 yuan / square meter, down by 1.59%. According to the analysis of factors of the city’s housing land costs, Chienan costs, facilities and financial cost prices over the years, 4712 yuan per square meter price to cost plus profit, coupled with the Xining real estate development cycle is longer, so, compared with other commodities and industries, housing prices inflated ingredients.

– new measures to boost confidence in the real estate market according to the current real estate market situation in 2016, will focus on the development of the real estate market and aiming at the difficulties, to adjust the structure, steady growth, promoting consumption "as the core, constantly optimize the industrial layout adjustment, land supply, driving project investment, guide housing consumption and actively cultivate and develop the rental housing market;

Xining Municipal Health Bureau held training courses on the socialist core value system

In order to enrich the diligence duty, let the people live a happier life "theme of education and publicity of independent cultural activities in the hospital the morning of July 4th, the Municipal Health Bureau held training courses, invited the provincial Party School professor Zhang Yuliang has made the" construction of socialist core value system for thinking "counseling seminars, from various units Bureau of discipline system Secretary of the discipline inspection team leader, the discipline inspection cadres nearly 30 people listened to the lecture

in order to enrich the diligence duty, let the people live a happier life "theme of education and publicity of independent cultural activities in the hospital the morning of July 4th, the Municipal Health Bureau held training courses, invited the provincial Party School professor Zhang Yuliang has made the" construction of socialist core value system on "counseling seminars, from various units Bureau of discipline system Secretary of the discipline inspection team leader, the discipline inspection cadres nearly 30 people listened to the lecture.

Professor Zhang

from the socialist core value system construction significance, the correct understanding of the construction of socialist core value system, the basic content of the socialist core value system construction problems, the construction of socialist core value system of the four approaches, aiming at the confused political beliefs, fuzzy ideals, value orientation, integrity awareness, social responsibility the lack of sense, dilute the spirit of arduous struggle, competition and other examples of current malicious part of the Party cadres, the vivid education lesson a socialist core value system for trainees, benefit people, a great harvest. The participants said the socialist concept of honor and disgrace with "Eight Honors and Eight Disgraces" as the core content and the view of "four, four, four: four virtues" (i.e. love: love, friendship and love, the truth; four view: the outlook on life, world outlook, values and moral values; four virtues: social morality, occupation moral, family virtues and individual morals) as the foundation of this man, as the code of conduct learning, life and work, with patriotism as the core of the national spirit and reform and innovation as the core spirit of the times as the values and spiritual pillar, earnestly practice.



Urban public transport to ensure two, two sessions, Spring Festival during the transport services

according to the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation arrangements, as do two "," NPC and CPPCC "," Spring Festival "during the city transportation service management, since 2011 1 January to February 20th the city bus companies to carry out the" civilized, safe "- quality service competition as the theme of the big 50 days. The content of the activities arranged for a full range of propaganda and mobilization, in the bus station and part of the vehicle suspended the activities of the banner, the Spring Festival greetings. Nearly 800 campaign logo, create a festive atmosphere and atmosphere, through the activities of all public transportation workers to enhance the safe and civilized driving sense of responsibility, starting from improving the service function of bus window of civilization, a new image of the bus so that all employees can firmly establish safe operation, quality service, the realization of "new city bus companies people satisfaction, employee comfort and ease" government.

In view of the existing

bus line the bus service and traffic order problems in city bus companies will take effective measures, and strive in the first half of 2011 according to the stages of solving the problems, make arrangements for the operation of service:

In January February,

, a high quality of service period, mainly to solve the bus into the harbor or bay and bus specification into the red light, turn around or free to take the turn around the bus lane occupied straight lane, the bus operation order has obviously improved.

two, time of site location for three months, the demolition has been the migration, bus station kiosks, cancel the bus stop, no parking in the bus station to solve the parking problem in March, yet, to standardize the stop, make sure the site car in good order.

, three of all vehicle station reporting device for investigation for vehicle use, temporary change line, stops the case of a failure, the driver of the vehicle to stop reporting requirements and oral propaganda, completely solve the problems do not stop no publicity in April.

four, with half the time to strengthen the safety of the driver, service and occupation moral education, to completely change the bus driver bad service attitude problem in five or six months, a new company car service level.

five, "two", "NPC and CPPCC", "Spring Festival" period to give full play to the role of inspectors, held a meeting in key sections such as West Street, the Yellow River Road, South Gate Street, the entrance of the municipal government and the Wangfujing "NPC and CPPCC" location area, increase the number of personnel inspection, holidays and the rush hour to prolong the working time, with police departments for the smooth flow of traffic, to meet the demand of people traveling.



The first lecture lectures lecturer at the grass-roots level

June 18th morning, Xining city party instructors members of the first middle school of Huangyuan County teacher Chen Jianying and the 72 year old retired cadres, the province’s outstanding communist party member Onions Ron Gio respectively, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Party cadres were entitled "the party’s mass line educational practice learning and discussion", "ordinary" teaching play, reveal the truth the plain. This is the first lecture Xining lectures lecturer "grassroots lectures".

to thoroughly implement the party’s mass line, the city from the party members in the areas of the city of retired cadres, model character, the typical rich and typical representative of the outstanding secretary of the grass-roots party organizations, professional and technical personnel, local personnel in 9 aspects as selection of 56 with high theoretical level and practical experience outstanding member of the Communist Party, composed of Xining city party instructors. Instructors take grass-roots party organizations of self selected the way of appointment, go to the countryside, community, non-public economic organizations and social organizations, grassroots organizations, 5 aspects of party policy theory, history, basic knowledge, practical experience, for the masses of Party members technical knowledge and special topic teaching. Up to now, the lecturer has received more than and 180 units in the course of the appointment of 405.

Xining 46 lax concrete problems to complete the rectification

Huangyuan County, Gaoling small village reservoir is too small, the main road damage need to be renovated; retired veteran home care service is difficult; railway station on duty armed police dining difficult…… At present, the city of Xining in the three strict three special education has solved practical problems more than 40 pieces of the masses concerned, started the rectification 62 "not strictly untrue" specific issues.

Xining City, the first batch of 3000 members of the trade union members receive a service card

"It was a great help to us today. For example, go to the designated hospital of a blood pressure, hang a number, or to businesses, sports entertainment places can be discounted, not only enrich our spiritual life, at the same time, also brought us a lot of convenience, Huimin Union policy, is true for our employees." Warehouse door street office staff Lu Xiaofang received a trade union membership service card, said happily.

it is reported that the first batch of pilot work will be carried out in the city zone of Xining city and Xining City, Dongchuan Industrial Park, 3000 members who get inclusive service. "Union members inclusive card" with comprehensive service functions, including difficult worker identification and "warmth", "autumn student, daily assistance, model workers" gold "issue, legal advice, legal aid, occupation, skills training and other functions, membership card can enjoy the service; at the same time, but also in the City trade unions in the development of special business, services, entertainment and other places designated by card, can enjoy discount.

Qinghai build a strong foundation of comprehensive strictly

"serious political life within the party is the fundamental work of the party in an all-round way, is a major task of the whole party." General secretary Xi Jinping inspection in Qinghai, we do a good job in the serious political life of the Party pointed out the direction of the path, clear the specific requirements.

I, combined with the "two a" study and education, the general secretary Xi Jinping on strengthening and improving the party’s political life requirements are implemented, adhere to problem oriented, under the above rate, clear responsibility falls the responsibility, guidance, urged the province’s Party organizations at all levels selves, responsible for defending their territories, to further promote the comprehensive strictly, strengthen the party’s the construction, improve the party’s creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness, efforts to form both centralism and democracy, both discipline and freedom, both unity of will and personal mood lively and vivid political situation.

careful study into the heart into the brain

adhere to the provincial Party committee by the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech mind as a fundamental task, based on self study team members, has held 5 center group seminars, continue to do a good job of Party Constitution, Party General Secretary Xi series of important speeches and to work in Qinghai to study and implement the important instructions, make a demonstration for the province’s Party organizations at all levels.

General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai, the provincial Party committee to study the implementation of the first time to make arrangements to quickly set off a boom in learning, to promote in-depth study and education. Provincial leadership in the Party organizational life to ordinary Party members, take the lead in lectures, talk about understanding, speaking experience, focus on promoting the "four down", the province’s economic and social development the central task, lead the front line research guide, solve problems, layers of demonstration, layers of drive.

I adhere to the party constitution and through series of speeches and unite together to learn and understand, in promoting the deep fine research, into the heart into the brain to work on. Provincial Party committee held the province (state), county (city, district) to study and implement the general secretary of the series of important speech learning exchange, city and county Party committee secretary of the actual talk about learning and thinking, talk about learning experience. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng presided over the provincial Party committee of the Central Committee of the general secretary of the study will be an important speech in Qinghai, the provincial leaders speak enthusiastically, exchange experience. In the basic level, carry out "six" activities, to study and implement the "four major solid" realistically catch fine catch specific requirements.

Party branch generally relying on the "three class" to learn, the grass-roots Party branch organized collective learning more than 3.8 times, generally carried out more than 2 thematic study and discussion, party secretary speaking lectures more than 2.3 screenings.

of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture zhouweishuji to "sit" three class "system to promote the" two a "regular" as the theme for the party lectures. Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture "is the first development of the concept of ecological protection advocates" 10 topics, combined with their own actual organization of Party members to carry out the study and discussion. Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture for every Party member to establish learning files, convenient Party branch Party members keep abreast of the situation to participate in the study and discussion.

Party organizations at all levels also adopted;

Xining city to create a poor accountability

for the implementation of a city work responsibility, increase supervision and inspection work of a city, and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of work to create a city, to further promote the supervision work standardized and institutionalized, regular, Chong City office to develop a "Xining City creation work supervision system".

it is reported that the inspection take thorough investigation, spot checks, random checks, listen to reports, access to information, interview and investigation, return inspection, etc.. Be practical and realistic, fully and accurately reflect all localities and units and departments in a city to work the problems and weak links, no omission concealed on the inspection; highlight a city’s focus, focus on solving the work through inspection difficult, hot and key issues; focus on the effectiveness of the work, to ensure the project supervision matters piece there is an echo, everything has a result.

in addition, the situation of supervision and rectification as all localities and units and departments work a city assessment and evaluation, target year basis; the unit responsible for the rectification or rectification can not return, poor implementation issues are still outstanding, according to "create a national civilized city of Xining city job interview system" of processing; interviews, criticized the supervision unit, the responsibility is not implemented, still found problems rectification, not as in the inspection work, influence the city to create a civilized city assessment results, in accordance with the relevant provisions, the responsible person shall be held responsible; for criticism, media exposure at all levels of the civilized units, the steering group upon verification of city civilization do civilization office will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the abolition of the "civilized unit" qualification. (author: Wang Xiaofang)


Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, a little bit of two station work made new progress

  Xining trade and Industry Bureau, a little bit of two station work made new progress.

In order to regulate the

"while two station" building, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, since this year, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau on the 72 "branch" and 971 "two" for a visit, and the 543 standard management personnel in place, work better "while two station" in strict accordance with the standard the specification, standard rate of 50.5%. At the same time, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau for part one of two station staff to change the frequent practice, held a number of training courses, to explain consumer complaints knowledge, improve their ability and level to resolve consumer disputes. According to statistics, this year, Xining will be a two stop, a total of 162 consumer complaints received, for consumers to recover economic losses of $193 thousand and 800.


Xining small and micro enterprises to lower the threshold

Xining small and micro enterprises once again usher in the development of spring. April 2nd, Xining private economic development and investment work conference held. At the meeting, the city on the development of small and micro enterprises in 2013 arrangements.

this year, the city will fully implement the policies of national and provincial and municipal support small and micro enterprise development, optimize the environment, promote the city consciously create good environment under the development of small and micro enterprises. Cultivate various types of market players to promote the prosperity and development, and further reduce the threshold, in accordance with the principle of non ban into the principle of relaxation of market access conditions, reduce barriers to entry. Speed up the development of the carrier, and further improve the County Industrial (industrial) park planning and construction level, improve the service functions, and constantly improve the industry carrying capacity, to guide the development of small and medium sized enterprises into the park. Accelerate the construction of various types of entrepreneurial base, entrepreneurial park, business incubator base for the carrier, leading a number of technology-based, innovative small and micro enterprise development. The guidance, expand the total market, accelerate the development of a number of light industrial products, hardware machinery with small and micro enterprises in the industrial development of the local industry inertia and path; three focus on the development of service industry, foster the development of research and design, information services market; market players actively cultivate the cultural and sports undertakings, social welfare and other public utilities the field of market and community convenience chain stores, breakfast and other livelihood projects services; increasing the income of farmers, cultivating planting and breeding, farmhouse and other market players, the full implementation of the policy of industry entrepreneurship, support all kinds of main business venture, and strive through 2 to 3 years of hard work, the realization of the goal of doubling our city all types of market players. (author: Rong Lijun Zhang Mei)

Xining this month end to eliminate urban black smoke to improve the quality of atmospheric environme

Xining City coal-burning pollution remediation work day before has entered a crucial stage. According to the "opinions" in 2009 the soot pollution control work in Xining City, the city will be completed before September 30th this year, coal-fired boilers, tea bath furnace soot pollution control tasks, eliminate the urban "black smoke", to further improve the quality of atmospheric environment in Xining city.

reporter from the Municipal Environmental Protection Department learned that in September 30, 2009 before the city to complete 250 sets of 356 tons of steam coal smoke pollution control tasks; four district government to complete all coal-fired boilers remediation tasks within the jurisdiction of the county government to complete the task of governance; three coal-fired boilers 2009 objectives; four district government in the completion of the basic tasks under the premise also, must be on the regulation of all emissions within the jurisdiction of substandard coal-fired facilities, on 2007 – the year 2008 ineffective governance and serious pollution problems, the unit shall be resolutely remediation, eliminate the "black smoke".

for the thorough implementation of the "blue sky project", to improve the quality of the urban atmospheric environment, and actively promote the establishment of national environmental protection model city, create a good working and living environment for the residents, the city in the "Xining 2009 coal-burning pollution governance work opinions" clear requirements, in the implementation process already, the use of natural gas and other clean energy boilers, without the approval of the competent administrative department of environmental protection shall not alter its equipment and fuel without authorization, found the competent administrative department of environmental protection will be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations shall be punished; I ban coal zone within the unit, must use clean energy, prohibit the use of coal and other high polluting fuels; no city approval of any use of coal-fired boiler project on coal area; prohibit new construction, renovation and expansion of any burning high polluting fuels facilities etc.. The overdue completion of the task of governance or the use of polluting coal-fired facilities rectification, the relevant departments will take coercive measures according to law, to ensure that the smoke pollution in our city remediation work smoothly; for serious pollution, governance can not discharge coal-fired facilities, will be based on the relevant provisions of the demolition.


The people’s mediation legal knowledge contest is held in the West Victory Road Subdistrict Office

September 3rd, a wonderful people’s mediation legal knowledge contest held in the West District victory Road Subdistrict office. We used to resolve the dispute in good faith, injustice is not what, as long as the two sides to resolve the contradiction between the good." Wang Huiying, the head of a supermarket, said she had a complaint every day.

"once, an old man with an egg found me." Wang Huiying said that the old man half a month ago in the supermarket to buy some eggs, and later he found a bad egg on the supermarket to ask for a change, promoters asked to produce a small ticket, the old man said lost, the two sides dispute. After understanding, Wang Huiying learned that the old man’s idea: such a big supermarket, how can there be such a thing, to remind the supermarket to pay attention to purchase. At that time, Wang Huiying let the staff brought three eggs to the elderly.

there’s one more thing that Wang Huiying can’t forget. A drunk consumer checkout, the cashier will be packed into a plastic bag, the cashier was busy, said, ‘you do not have a long hand’, the other side suddenly quit." Wang Huiying quickly to the consumer is not lost, but consumers want to let the cashier kneel, I can bow to you on behalf of the staff?" Wang Huiying sincere request, the other party asked Wang Huiying and cashier bowed to him to apologize.


The Party committee will be held, knowledge contest

To commemorate the 85 anniversary of the founding of the party, recently, the construction of the Xining Municipal Committee held a "learning spirit, learning constitution, learn history knowledge contest, the game to promote learning, the learning of the eighteen party members and eighteen of the third and fourth plenary session of the spirit and the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, learning of the party constitution. Study on the history of the party, push forward the persistence and development of China socialist activities in-depth study and practice.

"school spirit, study the party constitution, learn history knowledge contest to learn the spirit of the eighteen, eighteen of the third and fourth plenary session of the spirit and the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series as the theme, the glorious history of the party members, a comprehensive study of the socialist theory Chinese characteristics of the united front and the multi-party cooperation and the master degree of Party Constitution, the party the. In the competition, players are full of spirit, 7 teams in high and vigorous spirits, 21 players through the game 2 hours of individual and collective will, tension will answer, answer risk link, finally decide the score.

Province wage migrant workers to join the inspection team to check the work of our city

Recently, instead of the wages of migrant workers is composed of the provincial construction department, the provincial agency department, the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the provincial SASAC and other departments of the joint inspection teams to the city for three days to check the relevant work, and guiding opinions and suggestions put forward for the next step

recently began, the wages of migrant workers is composed of Provincial Department of construction, the provincial Office of human resources, the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the provincial SASAC and other departments of the joint inspection teams to the city for three days to check the relevant work, and guiding opinions and suggestions put forward for the next step.

11 month 9 days, inspection teams on-site inspection of the payment of wages of migrant workers in Xining train station and Xining transition project site, it is found that the construction unit in accordance with the "basic construction industry of Xining city labor wages management measures" implemented, migrant workers wage payment system is relatively perfect; in November 12th, the arrears of wages of migrant workers caused a petition of Jiangsu Albert real estate development company Jiangsu Hongxing fire and installation company due to a contract dispute led inspection teams to conduct a special inspection, through the convening of a special meeting, on-site office coordination way 1 million 400 thousand yuan of funds to pay the wages of migrant workers; in November 13th, inspection team to the Gan River Industrial Park to park built in infrastructure projects, the employer paid the wages of workers. Pay particular attention to payment of wages for rural migrant workers in the construction project, the requirements of various departments with Tongli Together, do a good job wages, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers. Finally, the inspection team heard the report of migrant workers in Xining. Up to now, the city a total of 37 million 40 thousand yuan in arrears of wages of migrant workers to clean up, involving a total of 3517 people, dealing with sudden cases of 48, involving a total of 1168 people. In September to carry out the "Xining construction field labor wages management approach" special inspection of the implementation of the rectification, but has not opened the account for the peasant workers to do card and payment of construction enterprises.

groups of inspectors on the city’s debts wages of migrant workers work to be fully affirmed, request work better in the future to do early prevention and mediation, emergency treatment work of major events, the wages of migrant workers began work carried out, to ensure the full payment. From the height of maintaining social stability, to take effective measures to prevent and deal with various types of accidents caused by arrears of wages of migrant workers. (

  feeds labor supervision department);

Guess lantern riddles first into the campus children happy

for the Lantern Festival this year is very rare in the school in March 1st after the arrival of March 5th, the day of the Lantern Festival, part of the school I have to hold for the first time since the founding of the campus lantern riddles Lantern Festival activities, so that the children in the interesting activities of Lantern riddles award not only feel the charm of Chinese traditional festivals, more sense by the broad and profound Chinese traditional culture, so that children have a more emotional understanding of Chinese dream.
– 900 lantern hung into the campus
– to more than 1 thousand and 400 children per person to eat a Glutinous Rice Balls
– Primary School Campus red lantern
& nbsp;

New technology to support the development and breakthrough of dense oil

8 2, from Qinghai oilfield and Qinghai national division of joint research in the Qaidam Basin "Zaha springs tight oil well logging evaluation technology" successfully passed the final acceptance of shares of the company, so far, Qinghai oilfield tight oil and add "killer" technology.

Zaha spring is the first tight oil block discovered in the exploration of Qinghai oil field, and it is also the fourth largest oil producing area in china. Oilfield exploration and Development Research Institute of Qinghai responsible person said: "tight oil exploration and development of the Qaidam Basin is facing tight oil Xianhua environment is not clear, the lithologic reservoir characteristics of complex components, the lack of system resources evaluation method can be used for reference, and the lack of effective means of reservoir evaluation, five major technical difficulties of reservoir unable to predict sand bodies and lack of quantitative characterization of tight oil reservoir reconstruction technology."

in recent years, relying on the "Qinghai oilfield of Qaidam Basin oil and gas exploration and development in the construction of key technology research and application of science and technology projects, in tight oil exploration, after the technical innovation has formed a complete set of the tight reservoir evaluation, tight reservoir identification standard and dense reservoir reconstruction technology of 5 important knowledge and the results, completed the tight oil exploration and development from the inferior to leading technology leap.

"the Zaha basin tight oil logging evaluation technology" in the Qaidam Basin, which lasted for 3 years before and after the study, accurately summarized the geological characteristics of the high salinity Lake Basin in the area of the spring and the corresponding evaluation of the difficulty of logging in the area of the spring of the lake basin in the area of the spring and autumn of the. Based on the total quality of source rock, reservoir quality, engineering quality 30 4954 block rock physics experiment, carried out the core analysis and "seven" research, fine processing of logging data of 349 wells, achieved 6 main technical results form 3 key technologies, and in the actual production should be made by the Zaha springs area overall interpretation accuracy reached 85% good results.

The breakthrough and application of a series of new technologies of

directly boost the exploration and development of tight oil in Zaha spring. Up to now, the block has proven oil geological reserves of nearly 50 million tons, the production capacity of 150 thousand tons. In the first half of this year, Zaha springs Development Zone average single well oil production 4.56 tons, the cumulative production of crude oil up to 62 thousand tons, for the construction of the Qinghai oilfield 10 million tons of oil and gas fields injected new impetus.


City tax bureau to convey the spirit of learning in the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Centra

November 17th, the municipal land tax bureau held a special session of the central group will be invited to teach Guo Yunfu, head of the provincial delegation to study the guidance of the spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee

11 17, 2009, the municipal land tax bureau held a special session of the central group will be invited to teach Guo Yunfu, head of the provincial delegation to study the guidance of the spirit of the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee. Chen Yunchun, deputy director of the Municipal Council presided over the meeting, the city Bureau, the audit bureau of all cadres and district, county bureau deputy director of the department level cadres attended the seminar.

, Professor Guo Yunfu closely combined with the current economic and social development trend, will implement the spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, to further promote the cultural construction of socialism in the preaching and interpretation. Help local tax cadres to recognize that the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee is an important meeting held before the party’s top eighteen. Plenary session adopted the "decision", a comprehensive summary of the achievements and experience of the leadership of our party’s cultural construction, a profound analysis of the situation and tasks facing the cultural reform and development, and puts forward some measures for guiding ideology, policy, cultural reform and development objectives and tasks, policy under the new situation, is the programmatic document to guide the development of cultural reform of our country at present and in the future.

Learning Guidance Council pointed out that the local tax system of Ideological and cultural work and public opinion is an important part of socialist cultural construction, we must pay close attention to the spirit of the plenary session. First, the broad spread of socialist core values, leading cadres to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, education, the majority of cadres to be honest and self-discipline, dedication, selfless dedication. The two is to work closely around the Tax Center, and strive to build a cultural system with the characteristics of Xining Local Taxation, the successful completion of the annual tax work to provide a strong spiritual support. Three is to promote the construction of tax culture, and tax services, tax collection and management of the organic combination of work, to play the role of cultural cohesion, the role of incentive cadres. Four is the spirit of the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee into the daily tax collection and tax service work, and strive to do a good job of tax work, with excellent performance to meet the eighteen.



42 network media feel the rapid development of Qinghai

The mysterious beauty of Kumbum Monastery, in the scent of the flowers, the world of the Yellow River Menyuan Qing Guide…… Let the beauty of many 42 network media visitors. In July 15th, the "Sanjiang" Qinghai image folk group came to the largest salt lake in Qinghai Lake, a wide expanse of mist-covered waters, blue sky of Qinghai Lake, like a huge emerald jade plate embedded in the mountains, grasslands, mountains, lakes, grasslands Xiangyingchengqu magnificent scenery of the beautiful scenery and fascinating.

travel rich people forget

July 15th morning, folk songs delegation came to Qinghai Lake scenic area, feel the magnificent natural scenery, drove to the West town of Haiyan County to visit the Atomic City Memorial and Wang Luobin Museum of art, music, culture and art roam heaven. It is understood that this station is a folk group on fourth folk songs during the trip, the delegation went to Xining city to visit the Qinghai Tibetan Medicine Culture Museum, drove to Huangzhong county to visit Kumbum Monastery, visit the Menyuan County Menyuan hundreds of rape flowers, Guide county to enjoy the plateau "small Jiangnan" cool summer. Daily trips are deeply attracted by these foreign media visitors. Many reporters exclaimed: "every place here is so spectacular, the next time I will come back to Qinghai."

media feel the rapid development of Qinghai


7 12, the delegation has gone through a city, three prefectures and five counties, the most beautiful panoramic view of Qinghai. The folk group in the tour of Qinghai at the same time, also have an intuitive understanding of Qinghai regional economic development. Each of the sites, reporters feel the natural scenery at the same time, but also to understand the economic development across the local government departments in the introduction, from the reporter said: "the county each develop their own industry, in just a few years, now Qinghai has undergone changes in turn the world upside down also, we will use their own camera and the beautiful Qinghai show in front of more people."