New generation B2C mall how to take the road of network marketing

Because the

of electronic commerce in recent years has spawned a lot of popular e-commerce company, two years before the rise and fall of group purchase website is a microcosm, but in recent years there are many traditional e-commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises began the development of the industry, in addition to the maintenance of the traditional sales channels and also in the development of the network marketing channel the most, the most representative is the type of B2C mall site, a mall here in this paper to do the main fitness equipment as an example to explain how the new B2C mall walk the road network marketing, welcome.

is doing B2C mall transformation of the enterprise purpose is to have more profit, this is no ground for blame for any business, but to make reasonable arrangements to combine their own actual conditions, it is to clear what kind of website to do things at what stage, what is the aim, not blindly if you want to be profitable, in a short time by your own B2C store profit, then I advise you or abandon the project.

for any one of the new B2C online mall is the same, mainly to do the brand and visibility, the latter consider profitability. For the general small and medium enterprises you can not spend a lot of money out of the second Jingdong come out, in order to survive it is necessary to go their own way, step by step to grow and develop their own.

a, do a complete sales type website

before you start to carry out network marketing needs to have a clear and complete website, because this is the foundation of marketing, a website content is not filled with good website how to users trust and good user experience? Thirteen knives that this mall to do is not very good, is said to be the site of the revision. But the content is not completely perfect already on-line operations and also doing Baidu promotion, a little money dashuipiao feeling.

two, general promotion and SEO optimization

Optimization of

cannot be ignored in conventional methods and the promotion website, because this is a long process, only a long time insist to see good results, the idea here is not very suitable for fast track. Especially ask marketing and soft marketing needs uninterrupted long-term, even if there is a certain investment is worth it, one is to help enhance the site’s visibility and credibility, two is to help improve the conversion rate of indirect goods, because a lot of soft is the long tail keyword, which platform of the weight is relatively easy to get a higher ranking.

three, with the help of a search engine for

and network alliance

now almost do network marketing will consider the search engine in the domestic bidding and Wangmeng, especially the price of Baidu and Internet, there is no denying certain effect, but now the competition is quite fierce, is also more big investment.

four, in the well-known e-commerce platform

independent online shopping mall to solve the problem is the problem of low visibility and low credibility, and stationed in the well-known e-commerce platform is very

Faced with the financial crisis, the third party testing enterprises how to break through the networ

in the face of the global financial crisis, the third party testing agency network marketing is widely respected in the industry, although compared to other industries, the network model of the third party is not mature enough. However, the rapid development of business throughout the country, the success of many companies to help bring a large number of customers. Day detection is one of the beneficiaries!

in more than a year, the company’s customer service sources continue to rise, in May this year, the company web site keywords ranking indoor air testing industry has leapt to the top 08 keywords, in the first half of the website only customer feedback number of transactions reached number pen. Within 1 years, day re testing company website is how to do it from the unknown site, become the third party inspection of a dark horse. The person in charge of the station admitted to the author: seize the opportunity for network development, bold attempt to Web2.0 era advertising model is our way to success."

seize the needs of the development of the times, for enterprise network marketing open

complex detection day enterprise website launched in August 2008, started soon, Chinese enterprises began to encounter financial crisis. This is the third party market, is both an opportunity and a challenge, opportunity is the deterioration of the economic environment, prompting many companies began to transition, the challenge is in many third party companies, how to become an independent school day re inspection, to become the leading brand leader


media with rich operational experience, day re detection and large-scale search engine Baidu, Google has established good cooperative relations, at the same time, the website uses advanced vertical search technology and WEB2.0 technology, provides a publicity, promotion, display, communication and exchange of information platform for enterprises, establish a corporate image, a shaping the corporate brand, expanding the network marketing platform product visibility. At the same time the company’s brand hotline to improve service quality, more thoughtful, caring for customers to provide quality service to Shanghai detection, complex construction technology Co. Ltd. day brand rise rapidly in the field of third party inspection.

unique OurGame advertising model, carry out precision marketing for enterprise

it is understood that the general enterprise network promotion way for many large enterprises, which used more, one is to find the network site independent station, this expenditure need at least more than 10 thousand dollars, after the maintenance cost is another operator; two is to buy advertising in a large site, but not expensive, also caused a large number of waste. Therefore, some websites have launched advertising exhibition, this mode is centralized user money by sharing in the form of advertising, so the cost is low. For example: a user in an entrance to do an advertisement for a month to ten thousand yuan; the partnership to do the same position advertising, advertising costs halved, and the effect of almost two. Dozens of users to do advertising, advertising costs shared, the cost of advertising is greatly improved.

economic crisis is likely to continue, how to make better use of network marketing platform in the current economic situation, is also the day of complex detection has been exploring the topic, I believe there is more "in the near future will detect the day after

Radio and television advertising management measures to bring the gospel to the webmaster

friends, in the second half of 2009 will be the spring of online advertising, ha ha, you seize the time to prepare for


recently saw a news that SARFT issued "management measures" radio and television advertisements broadcast, is for television advertising, in addition to their cheerful, more feel advertising advertising seems to go to the owners of the pocket.

actually I hate most is advertising, when watching television when the climax, suddenly will be damned advertising to interrupt, hey, and I love Hunan TV advertising, when coming, I had to go through a long and long wait, the heart that call a


and TV shopping, watching TV and hosted the hysterical carrying a gold chain, shouting "as long as 998 gold necklace for you to take home! I get goose bumps one, estimated just turn on the TV, will think that is where the mentally ill run out! It is

Khan ah!

finally, to limit television advertising, radio and television policy clearly stipulates each program institutions each hour long broadcast advertising business shall not exceed 12 minutes of television broadcast, TV commercials every time no longer than 1 minutes and 30 seconds, the satellite channel 18 every day to 24 points, not broadcast TV shopping advertising.

Oh, this restriction, the advertising must display in the time of peak in less and less, in addition to large businesses which estimated money, can keep his position, the rest of the small businesses will find another way, estimation of television advertising less, also will be a corresponding increase in the price drop. So, I believe there will be more and more businesses will put advertising space, change to the network.

in fact, it is the prevalence of the Internet, online shopping is very popular, so that online advertising will be further spread, so a little vision of the webmaster should increase the site’s advertising plan!

I said that there are several points:

1 is the first television advertising and Internet advertising effect is to be roughly the same, whether it is from the visual or auditory or, or Internet advertising is definitely not inferior to television advertising, so why merchants in expensive television ads that hang on a tree?

2 followed by 3G boom, the network will be more and more popular, in contrast, advertising network to facilitate the spread of advantages are also prominent, believe that online advertising will one day be more popular than television advertising, is only a matter of time

The last one is

3, 70 the baton handed 80 and 90 hands, and 80 and 90 of the most indispensable in life, I think in addition to the mobile phone is computer, believe that the arrival of the 3G era, will be the network advertising and a razor


webmaster, first hand, to open their own pockets, ready!

welcome to three quarter revenue reached 9 billion 500 million yuan annual target or difficult to ac

According to

Suning released earnings, the first three quarter revenue reached 9 billion 556 million yuan, which is 20 billion of its sales target this year so far, with a quarter, to complete this goal has been difficult.

According to

Suning released third quarter earnings, the company’s online business ( to achieve sales revenue of 9 billion 556 million yuan (including tax). 2012 1-9 months, the company achieved operating income of 72 billion 431 million yuan. Currently its online business accounts for about 13% of its total sales revenue.

in the first quarter, the second quarter of this year, achieved 1 billion 923 million, sales of 3 billion 357 million yuan, calculated on this basis, third quarter sales of 4 billion 276 million yuan, an increase of 27.4%, compared with the previous quarter slowdown than the 74.6% lot. has sales of 20 billion yuan, in this initial moment, before the three quarter sales less than half the total amount of the annual target may be difficult to achieve. However, in September 26th this year, Suning announced the acquisition of red children, financial data is expected to be included in the red child earnings in the fourth quarter, believe that will bring about 300 million yuan of sales revenue. Another source said, Suning will soon be completed on one or several B2C vertical mergers and acquisitions, if the completion of the merger, it will also help increase’s revenue.

however, even if there is a new increase in mergers and acquisitions to join B2C, but if you want to achieve sales of 20 billion yuan at the end of the year, needs to maintain rapid growth in the fourth quarter, the chain growth rate of not less than 100%.

at the same time, large-scale investment in online business, but also pulled down the overall gross margin of suning. Reported that due to the low gross margin online business, the company’s gross profit margin decreased by about 28% percentage points over the same period last year, reaching 18.69%.

in addition, Suning earnings also show that the first three quarters of the total revenue of 72 billion 431 million yuan, an increase of 7.11%, the first three quarters of net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 2 billion 352 million yuan, down 31.28%, the first three quarters of the basic earnings per share of 0.3321 yuan, down 32.11%.

Supply chain finance a two-way depth bound by Jingdong to suppliers


Liu Qiangdong from 2010 to consider how to finance the purchase of suppliers, to finally take a big step today.

November 27th, Jingdong held a comprehensive strategic partnership with the Bank of China branch in Beijing signing ceremony, the official announcement of the media had long been the supply chain financial services". Following the introduction of an open platform Jingdong, which can be regarded as another important step to build a network of retail ecology Jingdong.

in fact, part of the financing of a new round of financing Jingdong, Jingdong is used to achieve financial services to businesses.

content of supply chain financial services

According to the

, the Jingdong store supply chain financial services platform has been built, this platform includes Jingdong mall supplier evaluation system, settlement system and bill processing system, online banking and Bank Internet and other electronic channels, is a set of integrated financial services providers to expand the mall for Jingdong financial services platform.

will now do:

1, Jingdong mall will provide for procurement, warehousing, settlement, expansion of financing in four areas of financing products. Jingdong mall supply chain financial services platform specific services include accounts receivable financing, order financing, commissioned financing, collaborative financing, trust plans, etc..

in these financing, Jingdong mall plays the role of credit between suppliers and banks, and the issuance of funds by the bank to complete.

2, Jingdong also launched the asset package transfer investment business. For example: the supplier A pledged accounts receivable to the bank financing, the bank can be accounted for by way of financial products sold to Jingdong or supplier B to get financial income.

in the future is likely to do:

1, in addition to the upstream suppliers to launch B2B’s financial services, Jingdong also plans to launch financial channels for ordinary users, including insurance for ordinary consumers, financial management, gold, credit transactions, etc..

2, Jingdong will even set up a special fund companies engaged in investment and financing of financial services.

according to the electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong said: at present, the Bank of China has 100 million suppliers for Jingdong to meet the financing needs of $17.

The significance of

to Jingdong

Li Chengdong at micro-blog, said: Jingdong supply chain finance is to meet the financial needs of the supplier, the supplier bundled in Jingdong mall. This is consistent with the logic of Taobao’s small loans, but the small amount of small loans Taobao financing, the higher the interest extracted from the (daily interest rate 0.05%).

a digital staff on the "First Financial Daily" said: because of the financial lending need credit vouchers, often and payment and logistics supply chain closely docking, the supplier in the payment, "

Ali’s idle fish platform fake disputes are frequent refers to the registration process is too simple

in idle fish search brand bags, many commodity prices are 10%-20% counter price of these goods is difficult to have a genuine.

Ali Taobao harsh crackdown lay off a large number of sellers, but even under the second-hand trading platform idle fish. Beijing Daily reporter recently found that Taobao invested heavily in the formation of the platform management department after the crackdown, had been stationed fakes poured into the low threshold, loose supervision in the secondary market, secondary trading caused by fake complaints increased. For the secondary market is just unfolding, invasion of unscrupulous businesses is a serious damage to the ecological.


fake disputes are frequent

in Ali proposed to create an unlimited budget, no limit of the sham treatment team after a fight against fakes, and selling businesses move aimed at Taobao’s secondary market idle fish. Mr. Zhao before the consumer to the Beijing Business Daily reporter said, in his idle fish took a fancy to a pair of Jordan 11 basketball shoes, basketball shoes, the original price of 2200 yuan sold only 1600 yuan, the seller vowed that his individual sellers, shoes only through again in the room, Mr. Zhao from the simple picture identification after next single. Due to the reasons for the work, the parcel collected by his family, Mr. Zhao returned home full of joy to open the package, but found that the shoes do not match the real. Identified in the relevant forum, it is a pair of fake shoes. The seller refused to admit selling, but Mr. Zhao said malicious refund. Zhao admitted that the same thing in the electronic business platform is easy to return, the secondary market has become a confused account.

In the idle fish platform

Beijing Daily reporter inquiries found that according to the clues provided by Mr. Zhao, there are fake businesses to break up the whole into parts "in the way of selling second-hand platform. The business understands secondary trading rules, a large number of registered accounts disguised as individual sellers, commodity price is the original price of around 30 percent off. In communication with buyers, they will also be used to buy second-hand, the image can be used to inspect. Each sold a commodity will be quickly off the shelf, a number of account recycling. In the event of consumer disputes, the communication through the sets of words to obtain evidence against the buyer. Such disputes are not uncommon, basketball shoes, bag, mobile phone and electronic products are selling idle fish hit. According to the operation data of idle fish released Ali day before the show, idle fish has a total of 100 million users, trading items up to 170 million pieces, shoes, clothing and other goods market second-hand mobile phone main products.

a personal behavior

idle fish originally "Taobao" mobile client, in April 2015 after a comprehensive revision to free fish name back online, is aimed at second-hand goods trading idle mobile terminal market. Compared to the cumbersome Taobao seller certification, registered in the free fish becomes very simple and quick sellers. Second hand goods transaction is the most typical C2C transactions, personal pricing, talk about the price, the new and difficult to set the old and difficult to regulate the purchase of counterfeit goods to provide convenient conditions.

Jingdong had closed C2>

Suzhou formally launched the success of the local electricity supplier sounded the clarion call

in the e-commerce era, a variety of B2C mall in the Internet competing yan. Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other online shopping mall has long been known. However, these electronic business platform are based on the country, although radiation is widespread, but there is no regional characteristics. Now, people also have their own online shopping mall – Suzhou department. The mall was formally launched on April 20th, marking the birth of the city’s first localized electricity supplier shopping platform model. Compared with the first large-scale comprehensive electricity supplier, its remarkable characteristic is to achieve network TV platform, mobile phone platform, network platform integration platform covers: the Department of the Suzhou online mall, cable TV, mobile phone mall 999 APP client, the user with the purchase intention of thoughts into reality. In addition, its service object is Suzhou residents in the city logistics delivery timeliness, have more advantages than other electricity suppliers, its familiarity with the environment and living habits of the people of Suzhou is a large platform electricity supplier incomparable.

Department of the Suzhou online shopping mall ( belonging to the Suzhou JSBC subsidiary – Suzhou new TV shopping mall Co. Ltd., the first project investment of 20 million yuan, as Suzhou’s first local comprehensive online shopping mall, "the Department of the Suzhou City Mall is a large comprehensive business platform of a hub on sales, information exchange, storage and logistics in one, is the exploration and practice of a new generation of retail outlets and services. Mainly sells fresh fruits and vegetables, grain and oil, food and beverage dry cargo, beauty care, daily life and other convenience services, and city logistics distribution, convenient and punctual delivery, authentic cheap, can support cash on delivery.

Hui Suzhou mall will be open source in Suzhou precedent, the gradual radiation of the major consumer class capital cities, steadily complete their industrial layout, the establishment of new standards for e-commerce industry. For the city in various formats, business enterprise construction of wired and wireless Internet service channels and electronic business operation support system, realize the interaction and transaction between the platform and the platform, businesses and consumers, thus becoming a new growth point of stimulating regional economic.

According to the Department of the Suzhou

mall chairman Chen Xuming (Suzhou JSBC deputy general director) said: "the Department of the Suzhou to seize the two aspects in the future path of development will: on the one hand, digging the needs of businesses, reduce costs, enhance the return ability; on the other hand, deep user demand, reduce the cost of living, improve the convenience index. The platform and business users, the organic combination in businesses, users build a high-speed and smooth bridge." At present, the Department of the Suzhou has been equipped with the system platform, operation strategy, order, warehousing, logistics and customer service of its own service system, create a safe trading environment and the integrity of the service platform, high quality products and perfect service to ensure customer service, each member can enjoy online shopping VIP treatment, to ensure the purchase of commodities can be high efficiency, no damage to show in front of customers.

Department of the Suzhou station in another, April celebration, there will be four heavy manners shocked Sioux City, registered more cash prizes to win 5 million opportunities. Activity details:>

The site and domain name investment


at the beginning of the webmaster, the mind is always rich in fantasy and planning,

Cheap Host plus CMS more and more simple, you can create a download station overnight, can also create a music station, can immediately create a forum… Of course… Immediately can plan a local portal, the portal

last night after night, through the….

starts with the first station, the second starts… The N starts.

; " poison "…

then proudly said,

look! My XX computer station, as well as the XX literary Station, as well as XX image station, as well as the XX community, as well as XX base… And


unfortunately, although many stations, just like a cluster, but for a long time did not qualify for the search for the contribution of a large number of garbage data……

N after a long time, suddenly understand a truth

"people do not focus on all things can not be"

actually do stand success is enough, pay attention and effort, not to say that the success of Google or Baidu kind of son,

can do hao123 good…

but it is so difficult to give up, out of confusion is so difficult, blame their own no technology, blame their own funds, blame themselves did not adhere to blame themselves do not..


At the beginning of

when rice farming, the mind also has a beautiful dream and hope, each registered a domain name, each competing in a creative domain, each a domain name,

feel like have a large industry, Web2.0, portal, a new generation of search engines. So… Big corporate brand….. Or feel luck is coming, wealth is coming, with a cctvnews seems to feel that they are CCTV News Channel… Seems to feel that they are… A meter… That is…

last night after night, through the….

the first domain name to start, the second domain name began… The first N domain name began. In the " poison "……

was proud to say that….

It is a pity that although

meters, has become a real " domain name investors, but did not sell " ideal rice…. registrars and registered with a hard-earned money taking… But also… When a lot of times " PLA "..


Camel costume trying to electricity supplier of confusion VC refused to play said to turn the capita



Guangdong camel Garments Co., Ltd., general manager of King Kong


technology news (Lei Jianping) November 16th news, even after Smith Barney just crashed and go, still could not stop the enthusiasm for the traditional enterprise electricity supplier. Wan Jingang, general manager of Guangdong camel Garment Co., Ltd. recently told Tencent technology, the electricity supplier business confidence, this year’s online business can be 3 hundred million, accounting for the total revenue of 10%.

, however, frankly admitted to the electricity supplier business is still confused, the biggest difficulty is whether to attract VC into. Camel clothing currently VC into their own electricity supplier business is an exclusive attitude, said playing not turn the capital.

mainly rely on Taobao independent B2C is the direction of development

relative to the Smith Barney high-profile into the field of electricity providers, and hit heavily built state purchasing network, finally compared to invest 60 million yuan after the bleak end, camel dress relatively go relatively stable. April 2010, Camel camel brand stationed in Taobao mall, in July officially began normalization operations. Difficult start camel shop, the daily UV is only more than 1 thousand, a month to sell only more than and 700 pairs of shoes.

today, Camel camel dress test of electronic commerce for a year and a half in and other e-commerce channels gradually laid men’s shoes, leather bags, outdoor sports, shoes and other product lines, its own independent B2C mall are actively preparing for the. Camel dress more ambitious plan net Luo world, the line will be pulled all the electricity supplier dealers Road, two-way parallel.

, according to Wan Jingang, general manager of camel clothing, now the online shopping group is no longer like a few years ago in the incubation period, but mature, consumers pay more attention to price. For businesses, despite the relatively low price of goods on the line, the line brand price is high, but the line of the brand will usually be discounted, the overall income of the enterprise from a single commodity is not much change.

Wan Jingang said, from the current point of view, the camel clothing obtained from Taobao mall data is relatively benign, and data analysis is very clear, 5 minutes before that you can see how many times the conversion rate, the purchase price, in which more concentrated. From September 19th to October 20th, we made a ticket to Taobao mall activities, the event sales reached 10 million."

camel dress for the current electricity supplier in the attempt to be satisfied with this year’s camel apparel revenue is about 3 billion yuan, of which the line of business revenue can reach $300 million, accounting for 10% of total revenue. From the line of revenue sources, mainly in Taobao mall, from their own independent B2C platform can be ignored.

mall mall flagship store and B2C platform for the relationship, the King Kong to explain, said he is not an independent B2C platform Taobao mall flagship store supplement, but a hair >

Singles day panic buying through overdraft spending spree to create illusion

letter sea light

is a double eleven this year, Taobao continued to maintain last year’s high-profile style, a large number of reporters to Ma Hangzhou Alibaba Xixi Park vigil, from 11 beginning at 0:00 on the scene witnessed millions of Internet users show "panic buying" large network, spent 21 hours on a record 30 billion of sales.

double eleven shopping Carnival since the beginning of 2009, this year is fifth years, but five years ago, no one would think of a double to almost all the people involved in the hot degree. First, it is just a gimmick to use "singles day" promotions. The singles day is the rise in the tide of Internet culture. In November 11th, four figure four looks like the shape of the root "Bachelor" with its image and mixed with a little humor, self deprecating, and integrating the Internet into the youth life, become popular.

is a fictional singles what developed into universal participation in the shopping carnival? It must be from sociology, economics experts devote special time to study to know. The current situation is that, although only five years of development, double the electricity supplier Shopping Festival has been enough to write more than thirty years of reform and opening up in the contemporary history of China in the.

thirty years, formed by the national folk Carnival regularly only in three cases. In addition, a national electricity supplier carnival, as well as the annual Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve, plus an annual National Day golden week tourism. The three Carnival symbolizes three Chinese prosperity of contemporary economic life: cultural and recreational tourism economic prosperity, economic prosperity, and prosperity of the Internet economy, to some extent, they are a symbol of the new economy. So, Ma said that the double eleven shopping carnival is a sign of China’s economic transformation, reflecting the rise of the new economy, which is justified.

although the eleven electricity supplier shopping Carnival extraordinary significance, but just like the Spring Festival Gala and golden week, in the context of China’s reality, its drawbacks are still difficult to be ignored. Especially in the double eleven in the end can not bring benefits to consumers and businesses, there are still fierce controversy. To promote the electricity supplier website and media, a shopping carnival atmosphere is artificially created, which mixed with too many non rational factors. After all, the limited capacity of the consumer wallet, in the double eleven this day is to stimulate consumption, in fact, contains an overdraft. Eleven more flowers, and other natural less time. The same is true of businesses, the original sales curve can be artificially arched out a wave crest, after the festival, most of the electricity supplier website traffic decline, it takes a long time to recover.

also, in the double eleven shopping behavior, low price is the biggest driving factor, which not only strengthens the price war the most low-end competition, also induced the irrational behavior of the blind pursuit of low-cost consumer, to buy a lot of the things you don’t need, some businesses took the opportunity to dumping inventory backlog of products, a small number of sites then create the price trap, eventually led to the scandal.

now look, from economic income, >

Domain deletion list April 17, 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 0516–83777726

phone / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today……

domain name Trading Forum

1 month international domain name delete Daquan       February international domain name deleted Daquan       in March, the international domain name deleted webmaster nets

Internet plus era, electric car how to go

car is a large boulder field under the traditional line in the industry, with the development of the Internet, the line field also begins to be touched, and the car electricity supplier is slowly mining, but has not lit the breaking point, the pace is always slow, so far, it is through online sales of automobile enterprise little little, most of the automotive industry are only by means of promoting the brand as well as a client channel Internet platform. Then, the electric car Internet channel Gairuhezou?


automotive electricity supplier development

The current

car market is divided into two types, new and used car market, their business model is generally independent website or business platform marketing, but whether it is carried out by what kind of mode are difficult to bridge the gap between the traditional mode of left behind, although the Internet giant BAT has been in the car business to find a way out, but the results also are unsatisfactory. Look at the integration of electric cars from Baidu investment, excellent letter Tencent investment vehicles and BITAUTO and everyone has always believed that Ali, the electricity supplier in the field of automotive industry can be open, but the time is not really grasp.

new car sales in the attempt through the website business platform, many businesses are tangled phenomenon in the process of implementation, because electricity can give consumers the biggest advantage is affordable and convenient, but the car the cost is not small, the electricity supplier can give consumers discount again how much with the next line of consumer not much difference, even more consumers trust the traditional line model, the transaction amount involved is not small naturally cautious consumer, this situation makes the enterprise invested business, had to return to the next line of energy, and electricity only as a marketing assistant. Have businesses tried, low price car models to platform sales, hope to attract customers to the price advantage, but the results are not optimistic, the new electricity supplier also appears can’t do anything.

and second-hand car relative to the new car electricity supplier, the situation is slightly better. In the large trading platform, it is easy to see the second-hand car business market, like 58 city, people network, BITAUTO etc., are open to the second-hand car trading platform, according to consumer psychology, when they find the second-hand car directly to the line on line is not convenient, so they are more willing to find online after the target, negotiate transactions, one can find the suitable price, on the other hand can replacement conditions on car parts according to their own needs, reduce intermediate links removed. Furthermore, the impact of the purchase order as well as second-hand car opaque information can be obtained from the used car electricity providers to protect

automotive electricity supplier faces problems

in fact, the electricity supplier is difficult to develop, because of various reasons and the existence of the problem has not been able to really solve. The first car is a big consumer, will integrate it into electricity, through online transactions, consumers purchase concept has not really changed, for this type of housing and car.

Tmall double 11 break half off cap line

news September 9th, general manager of Tmall clothing apparel forum speech in Paulding last night, introduced the new thinking of Tmall clothing all retail channels. She said that this year, the eleven double rules and compared to previous years have been adjusted, the price will break the requirements of the top half off.



said this year Tmall has Goldin, identify at least 10 brand can double eleven before delivery, and hope the brand line can be under the mall with get online, but the price is better than eleven to meet the dual purpose, line. In addition, the national carnival is the highlight of this year’s eleven double, in October 10th, Tmall will hold a double Spring Festival Gala eleven, to promote the growth of UV.

this year, the focus of the eleven pairs of new clothing is a new product, the international brand is located in second. At the same time, the pre-sale period will set the expansion of deposit pricing "is the same, you come to buy, your price is like buying a house to pay 50 thousand to 10 thousand."

idea about O2O full channel operation Goldin said that Tmall has begun in 2013 and part of the brand cooperation warehouse opened, currently has a very mature team to help businesses do this thing, only the merchant’s own ideas.

Full text:

Goldin speech in shorthand

: you give me good, Goldin is Tmall clothing for Paulding, my name is Liu Xiuyun.

today I would like to introduce you to the full range of clothing retail thinking. Alibaba has just over three years, three years time is very fast, after all the students came to the Tmall have a common understanding, here in fact every Tmall second is pain and happiness. How to say pain? Before I came to Tmall but also heard that cat is very busy, Ali is very very busy, busy here to know to what extent, almost every day for two days. Give you a number of fashion this year hundreds of billions of dollars in turnover, the entire industry operation students together is 100 people, we can count our per capita GDP and per capita profit, our company is very high per capita output. These days there is a discussion about the issues of recruitment, in fact, we are a great company, high standards in their own requirements, we hope the efficiency or effectiveness of getting better and better, do better than today. So this is a painful aspect.

also where is happiness? Now everyone says that now the team has become more and more difficult to manage, in addition to performance bonuses, and stock, what can retain employees? Here, everyone has a dream and change the industry idea. Tmall I feel is the most qualified, but also the most responsible to think about the future development of the industry. In addition to the completion of the day than the turnover of KPI, but also for the industry to bring something, so today I would like to explore this issue.

begins with the practice of dress. This year’s clothing can be summed up in a word, the first thing we do is the brand name

Hu Peibin next year, the main marketing channels of electronic commerce

throughout the entire bathroom industry, in the year of the year small sanitary enterprises have begun to try to expand the channel of the e-commerce, now in the country has a certain well-known ssww bathroom has not silent, in order to meet the electronic commerce next year, ssww bathroom in the global marketing headquarters in 19 grand the opening. In there, the vice president of Chinese Ceramics Association, director of China Building Decoration Engineering Committee Secretary China kitchen engineering committee, President of the Guangdong Association of materials and so on, gathered more than and 20 media and guest more than and 700 people doing the luxury cruise together witness the sea whales Wei marketing headquarters of the grand opening! It is the surface of prosperity under the bluff.

this year only bathroom into the electronic commerce roads are first advocated and combine online e-commerce marketing model of perfect combination, this new marketing model came out by many large and small bathroom companies from. A review of the history of the sanitary industry, sanitary industry now is changing, this is because the electronic commerce in the arrival of a new generation of consumer groups, the rise of the sanitary industry so that we had to try this strange channels to explore a more suitable way.

in the domestic processing of goods in the 80-90 between the poor stage, when there is a production of valves and dragons who began to set off the Chinese enterprises in the embryonic form of the bathroom industry. At that time, consumers need to buy Bathroom products to the supply and marketing cooperatives or department stores, factories are not afraid of no sales, there is no marketing model so that one.

suddenly entered the early 90s, with a group of brave advance Zhejiang Cantonese is not made, started marketing road. At that time, the bathroom manufacturers, are holding their own samples, to a supply and marketing cooperatives to sell, sold out again. This pattern of marketing was early sanitary factory opened the market to kill weapons, early prototype is the bathroom industry marketing mode.

in the mid 90s domestic economic development and gradually improved, driven by the clothing, electrical industry, China’s sanitary ware industry has begun to join the system. In all parts of the country after the emergence of a number of agents. In this mode, the manufacturers through the agency to join, to solve the problem of depth and scope of cooperation, the rights and obligations of both parties in the contract to regulate the way. Of course, this early form of agency is dominated by wholesale, lack of brand image and brand awareness.

at the end of 90s, there is a new marketing model that is the rise of store mode, store image not only good, but also can directly to the end consumer, in the bathroom industry began to follow up, and continue to improve, but also market stores, stores, contact channels, channel, etc. in short monopoly mode is acting on the upgrade and sublimation.

entered the twenty-first Century, there has been a chain of institutions, as a result of the chain marketing model for corporate culture, corporate brand, corporate bank

Buy the industry and then lift the battle of the United States Mission brush single public comment b

Internet business must while crying while running, sometimes crying is more important than running! "This is the original Cool 6 network founder Li Shanyou said.

this phrase has so far played a role in the field of the Internet, do not believe you look at Alibaba, 360, music, millet and other Internet companies practice.

this time, the story takes place between the public comment and the U.S. mission network.

the night of May 16th, a screenshot micro-blog online crazy turn: the United States mission plan public comment on 5.17 group purchase promotions for "brush", of which there are COO words of encouragement and employee response to Kawai WeChat dialogue screenshots.

this so-called "brush", like "let the bullets fly" as you sent the gun back to finally stop the marketing success of the initiator reach the end user behavior, which can make the ultimate marketing launch touch the side of the user to fail, and let the market cost for naught.

, director of public relations public comment Wang Rui responded, "the business sector feedback, indeed many brushes, but we have the corresponding measures, to ensure that users get the true benefits, we hope that the whole industry can be healthy competition, create more value for users and businesses, only in this way, O2O can really have vitality."

but Liu Yanfeng, deputy director of the U.S. Department of public relations, responded that the United States will not do such a boring thing, do not respond to the matter.

"brush door" by

for Internet companies, every day is a holiday.

5.17 because of its homonym for "I want to eat, a good day to do the activities of the group purchase industry market. This does not, the public comment and Baidu Nuomi invariably chose this time to do promotional activities.

Baidu Nuomi

mobile phone terminal including hamburger, snail powder, Pan-Fried Mantou, Bobo chicken, hundreds of delicacy group sold 5 1 only 7 cents, the event covered a number of city, in addition to iPhone5S, iPadmini and other prizes to encourage users to submit their own love but not online merchants, then there is a new user registration get 25 yuan vouchers and other activities.

and May 17th, the public comment will be launched in 23 new cities, what is the joy of the $5 series of buy, the first wave of "money to see the movie" group buying activities will continue until May 31st.

objective to say, the public comment on the activities of the investment is not low. As a group buying industry, food and beverage negotiation efforts are relatively large, although it seems that price concessions, but the actual purchase of the company to pay is limited. But the movie tickets are not the same, Friends Wanda cinema marketing director was informed that, even if the purchase of tens of thousands of movie tickets, the lowest price was about 30 yuan.

P.S. see the news of the shoes can go to panic buying delicacy vouchers and movie tickets, especially movie tickets, this is the real deal no moisture. Group >

I summarize the domain name registration process

statement: I use the software here, test: after the administrator does not help section, he is not a test,

concluded that the cybersquatting is likely to appreciate things a chance! A man can not forget our roots, ha

see below, should be the most important thing is: because the domain name is not the same time all deleted, so to master the accurate time is the key to delete can not grab meters


can also communicate with me:

QQ:86416866 URL:

concluded that the cybersquatting is likely to do for a


Domain Name:

ROID: 20080830s10001s71794605-cn

Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited

Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited

Registrant Organization: Beijing ename Technology Co.,

Registrant Name: Beijing ename Technology Co.,

Administrative Email:

Sponsoring Registrar: China renamed



Registration Date: 2008-08-30 04:34

Expiration Date: 2009-08-30 04:34

Domain Name:

ROID: 20080830s10011s70524399-cn

Domain Status: inactive

Registrant Organization: (China)

Registrant Name: Yang Zhimeng


Webmaster orientation analysis of the characteristics of Internet users shopping

grasp the overall characteristics of Internet users to help owners understand the latest trends in the Internet, both for the construction of the site and the development of marketing strategies have some help. According to the China Internet Network Information Center CNNIC released Internet status report, personal summary of the overall shopping characteristics of Internet users shopping, only for your reference.

first, the majority of online shopping city: according to the report, municipalities and provincial cities accounted for 1/3 of the country’s online shopping users. Internet users have accounted for about 30% of all Internet users, but for large cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, accounting for more than 40%. Although there is a gap between Europe and the United States, but in the future this year is expected to double growth.

second, the proportion of men and women and the total amount: the survey found that the total number of women online shopping more than the total number of men online shopping, but the total amount is lower than men. Shows that the relative number of women to buy more, but the price is cheaper, while men are just the opposite, so the site can be used as a reference when positioning the law.

third, users of online shopping network age: the statistics found that has been very rich in more than 80% Internet users online shopping experience, has reached more than 5 years of Internet experience, the proportion of less than 1 years old so few netizens online shopping, Internet marketers don’t worry too much about the target user not skilled use of the network, to go show your talent and ideas.

fourth, with junior college and undergraduate more: all of the online shopping population, more than half of the users of the undergraduate degree, followed by a college degree, master’s degree and above the number of online shopping but did not imagine the big scale, high school education or less accounted for less, indicating that the overall cultural level of online shopping users or high.


online shopping Internet Age: Internet users age and we think about 18~30 years old, now young people are the main force in online shopping, along with the further development of the society and young people grow up gradually, more and more people believe that online shopping, online shopping market will be more mature.

sixth, online shopping users income: This survey is the statistics user online form submission is based on data, according to statistics, the monthly income in 1000-5000 yuan as the main user groups, more than 5000 yuan was significantly decreased, and the monthly income of less than 500 yuan a small proportion of users of online shopping.

seventh, the number of online shopping comparison: if at least once a month online shopping users called online shopping regulars, then this proportion accounted for 43% of all Internet users. In addition, the frequency of male users shopping is higher than women, the highest frequency of Internet shopping between 25~33 years old.


online shopping easy: the statistics and the number of online shopping addiction effect is similar to that of survey, the purchase only once the proportion of users accounted for only less than 10%, and half a year to buy more than 5 times as high as 36%, indicating that online shopping addictive, once had the first Sutra "

Dim sum entrepreneurship two years the two transformation, battle and B round of financing


snack OS is a localized Android operating system

Sina Technology Meng hung

even ordinary days, but also have their own unusual.

for dessert – Beijing Zhongguancun’s mobile Internet Co hundred employees, in September this year, there is such a nondescript, but changed the life of a day. Announced a decision that month regular staff meeting: snack business since insisted every Saturday working days abolished, the weekend rest becomes the norm.

"in September of this year, we set up two years to the best time", said CEO Zhang Lei, founder of snacks like the Sina said, "it is bitter bitter?. But we’ve been through life and death".

two transformation, survived

snacks with a strong innovation workshop label. After all, the snack is the first project of the Innovation workshop family (Zhang Lei is actually looking for a special candidate for this CEO), but also the first of the five or six innovative projects in the largest one. In 2010, when the newly started Innovation workshop was still in Tsinghua Science Park, the dim sum team was hidden in a different floor.

according to Li Kaifu’s mobile Internet investment strategy, the task is to introduce a cheap and easy to use, suitable for young Internet users to use the mobile platform. That is, the later dessert OS.

snack OS is a localized Android operating system. After four months of hard work, in November 2010 the first equipped with SHARP OS mobile phone market. Soon, however, the problem with the business model is: too thick. Do a good job in the operating system, the need to face the face of a whole smart phone industry chain complex cooperation issues.

coupling, COO Huang repeatedly stressed the word snacks, he used it to describe the relationship between the snacks and hardware vendors. Good coupling is difficult to do, especially in the volume, the system is not the same as the company. Loss of effective control, bring a lot of negative effects, including snacks OS subject to a long feedback chain, timely response to the problem of increasing difficulty.

this makes snacks OS in the fast and easy to break the Internet battlefield difficult. Some colleagues said that even the Innovation workshop is also worried about the development of snacks. In this context, in March last year, began to do the first snack transformation.

"then we decided to pull out the main force to do the application," said Zhang Lei. In this transformation, dim sum Beijing team put all the application direction, and the operating system is transferred to the Shanghai team. Two systems to achieve separation. Two months later, the basic situation to find out the dim sum team. During the dim sum also get Jinsha River venture capital level of $10 million A round of financing.

One of the problems that

was paying attention to at the time was that

So such a domain name event such judgment is the tragedy

      was originally found in two domain name lawsuit article. Because of the anger of the two articles, and then search for a while, the result was similar to the case found a lot of domain names, it really makes people sad. Rather, it is sad for the ignorance of China’s individual legal entities or individual law enforcement agencies.

      after the first, let us take a look at the * * City, Ms. Yao registered the "Tongji" domain names dispute case (see detailed report:… =0& NewsId=18582). In order to protect the Chinese famous trademark Ms. Yao registered first two names on "Tongji". And intends to transfer to "tongjitang". In the process of negotiations, Ms. Yao requires a certain transfer costs. Not to intervene, "Tongji" a petition to the intermediate people’s court * *. The court’s verdict is: two a domain name to "Tongji" all at the same time, the case acceptance fee of 6800 yuan was sentenced by the burden of Ms. yao.

      as long as there is a little knowledge of domain names are known. Register a domain name only a few, but also two hundred or three hundred yuan / year. Why the transfer fee is generally much higher than this number? It looked like it had suspected of profiteering. Only those who registered truly understand the sour, sweet, bitter, hot. What letter, what words (including a lot of symbols) can be registered as a domain name, but how to register a valuable domain name is not racking their brains out. In order to seize an inspiration, and could even be registered. This alone is not enough, the domain name registration is the biggest risk: if the registered domain name no one see, not only is to sacrifice a lot of time and energy, only the registration fee an overwhelming number of domain name registration, because the cash strapped and lost a good chance of making money. The day before yesterday met a call "red boat Nanhu (989897)" the netizen, maybe two years after selling value wintv.Com million "in the online posting around 200 yuan (Note: now called" Tiansheng media "one of the company is a big company bought the European football channel 2007 – 2010 season exclusive broadcast rights. Their move means that the era of pay TV in the Premier League will come. How much money has a direct relationship with the creator of a new era of domain name value)?. Afraid of others suspected him, he also volunteered to come up with this domain name to mortgage, borrow 200 yuan emergency, a week after the return of 260 yuan. Can you think he was so uncomfortable, want to know why? Because the money is used to register the domain name.

      let us see an article from * * reports: domain name registration Kemou registration and establishment of the "Ning Feng electric.Com" betrayal "Ning Feng Electric" all. At the same time, it is also necessary to compensate for economic losses

Chinese traditional retail industry into a new round of strong integration period


tiger sniffing network: this year Chinese cited the first half economic growth slowdown and "frugal effect order", China retail industry sales growth is weak, at the same time, shop rents and labor costs rose. In addition, through the network sales network platform to realize the expanding of China industry constitute the influence. In this case, the circulation of retail enterprises have gradually shifted from the previous store to improve the efficiency of the strategic restructuring through restructuring. China’s retail industry restructuring opportunities.


indeed, lotus no longer insisted, decided by the sale of the way to find a way out for their own future. In October 15th, Wumart and lotus jointly issued a notice, Wumart will buy lotus in Hunan, Guangdong Province in two other provinces Chinese 36 stores at the price of HK $2 billion 345 million, including 36 stores, operating area of 310 thousand square meters.

came back in March of this year to cut 30% news, Chen Yaochang completely took over the lotus, the judge, if Chen Yaochang is unable to turn the tide, lotus probably abandoned Zhengda Group was able to escape. With Chen Yaochang in the past WAL-MART style, is good at expanding instead of fine management and improve the performance of a single store. And the lack of bee lotus is precisely the ability to upgrade and innovation. Therefore, lotus in the Chinese market outlet is nothing more than three: one is to rationalize the management structure, improve management capacity, improve store performance, profitability. Two is to give up some of the equity, so that more professional enterprises and teams stationed in order to reshape vitality; two is no longer dead support, all or part of the sale of the split, completely get rid of the burden.

current development trend further confirms the above judgment. Lotus continued losses, losses in the first half of 46 million 740 thousand yuan, while decreased significantly over the same period last year with a loss of 78 million 690 thousand yuan, sales have rebounded, but still unable to reverse the decline. According to the cooperation agreement between the two sides, after a number of capital operation, do not find any cash transactions, but equity cross. Lotus into the 36 store and subscription Wumart 206 million 600 thousand H shares, will hold a 13.77% stake and Wumart, Wumart also subscribed for lotus 9.99% stake.

analysis shows that the quality and lotus M & a classic. In addition to almost no money, just outside the stock exchange, Wumart can borrow CP lotus to further consolidate the East China and the Beijing market is currently in Zhejiang, Beijing and other places of stores. The lotus retains the market in Guangdong and the best in Hunan, Lenovo to Zhengda and Carlyle is on the Hongkong PARKnSHOP bid, if successful, these two provinces retained stores in Hongkong and Southern China and just 100 stores integration.

this analysis is not unreasonable, but there are worthy of scrutiny. Hunan and Guangdong two provinces is Wumart market blank, it can take Wumart if one fell swoop into.