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) Changing the definition of

[IT] Sohu news Beijing on March 11th news, according to foreign media reports, the technology blog Mashable today published the article "social search future". The article points out that the future of social search will no longer be input by the user to search keywords, but the website using semantic analysis and machine learning techniques, using user social map (social graph) (interest graphs) and interest of search related content, and pushed to users. You do not feel the presence of search, for users, this is more like that rather than search.

social network (or information network) is a new search engine? Or as Steve · Jobs (Steve Jobs) said, "mobile



Facebook instant personalization function: Clicker and Yelp, rotten tomatoes website through this feature to provide personalized Facebook experience, the essence is to use the social graph users get more search results. (TechWeb with

in fact, Facebook is now not only is a social network. It is the center of our social map, we will find in the Facebook and reading the news, commentary. Facebook is the "like" button (Like) to help us improve their interest in the map, and the "like" button in fact become a form we agree to anything on the internet.

social search will search with the user’s social map link. In social search, each search will be the one and only the results, because these search results from the influence of social network friends interest.

everyone should not underestimate these changes, the average Internet users spend time on Facebook is increasing, the demand for new search ready.

Facebook "like" function has become so important, social search algorithm makes Microsoft search will be to put it as a factor. "Like" also determines the popularity of content and status updates get more praise, relevant content can be pushed to the front, the influence will expand to Facebook.

The full text of the article is as follows:


searchThe rise of

Facebook attracted our attention, but we ignore the essence. We still think that search is simply caused by the question? Or that the traditional search has been out of date

a year ago also launched its own social search. Now, more and more obvious social characteristics of Google search, and search results combined with the conventional.

Look at the future trend of love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng by 6.28 love Shanghai K station

in Shanghai 411 Hospital of gynecology and infertility station.


practitioners, the blog contents are original.

since 6.28 day, love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, this adjustment is mainly showing the love of Shanghai for the website content quality attitude, how to adjust the content below. The love of Shanghai at the expense of 5% changes in the data as a benchmark for high quality articles were deleted from the index database, the adjustment is affected by the larger field of IT industry (Shanghai dragon, Wangzhuan etc.) and medical industry. And the biggest focus is love Shanghai discriminatory attitude in order to prove this point, following the interception of the famous site data and industry site data evidence.

site to be plucked to 1/10.


, a current love Shanghai adjustment.

The larger the

1. Internet industry famous site.

One of the famous Shanghai dragon

K station, this group of words plucked into countless stationmaster and Shanghai Longfeng practitioners nightmare 6.28 date. So what are the impacts of this adjustment? Love Shanghai why this adjustment, and adjust what and how to deal with

, which included into the past 1/20.

from the screenshots are visible in the adjustment, which included into the previous 1/5.

2. site medical industry.



The above shows the

station ten old station, has been optimized performance is good, is a better site.

The above shows the

11 years old, is a large comprehensive multi disease site, has been the optimization of professional maintenance team.

From here you can

~ ~ A5 webmaster station.

collection received little effect, but its essence has received great impact, the following will detail.

ZAC blog.

The The

site: China well-known Internet site, one of the Shanghai news source of love.


site: China well-known Internet sites, tens of thousands of active members, the website has become a brand name.


~ ~ Shenzhen Humanity Hospital.



How to interpret for our site to choose a suitable color tone

"color mix also have certain skills. The color difference of the transitional color larger color, so that more visitors can feel our color. We take the Pepsi logo for example: red and blue marks on the two part of the white segment. The white block corrugated can make better mixing of red and blue two colors, the hard together much better.

page of the first color tone can stimulate the visitor’s vision, so that visitors have the corresponding senses. For example, red can make people have a sense of excitement, enhance appetite, enthusiasm, etc.. We can see the official website of Coca-Cola color collocation scheme, as shown below, we can see the official website of Coca-Cola red color tone will bring people a sense of passion in the hot summer, this kind of feeling will let visitors have to drink Coca-Cola desire. At the same time, this kind of color collocation is also very consistent with its brand color.

are many sites and not only use a color tone, but the color mix, of course this is a mix of art, excessive and improper use can backfire. For example, when I see a green background of the site with a red font, I will not wait him off.


, a site for the colors you may not be aware of how important. You may find a site for the green and blue color tone and there is not much difference, no matter. But in the process of the construction site the author found that the color tone plays an important role in the production of ". "Color tone can often change a lot of things, let your visitors to their different senses. And behind every kind of color tone has effect can give visitors bring different psychological feelings. The following simple analysis of some of the problems.

color and culture

what color will make people excited. The author is slightly search, the answer is obvious, that is red. Scientists have done experiments, projecting light red to the wall than in the room called blue light more exciting. This is why we can often see the red light in the ballroom and other places of entertainment.

color to stimulate the body’s sensory

mixed color


different colors represented in different countries in different nationalities is the meaning of. >

"color tone will also affect the visitors also have influence on the execution, for example, red can often attract and drive our visitors, but also can be a good reminder of our visitors. Blue tends to think twice ". This is why many e-commerce sites in the purchase of love buttons or promotional activities to use red as the color tone.


Noble baby revised privacy policy integration of a variety of products and user information

because the nobility baby new privacy policy for collecting user personal information, including a list of contacts, email content, geographic location, privacy protection agencies may advance litigation of noble baby.

Center for Internet and society Standford (Stanford Center for Internet and Society) privacy safety supervisor Ryan · (Ryan Calo); Carol said, in order to avoid the user lost in many legal terms do not understand, the noble baby is committed to simplifying its privacy policy. In the noble baby new privacy policy, the number of words have been reduced from the previous 68 thousand to 10 thousand.


Carlo stressed on how to use the user information, the noble baby should be carefully considered, must not reveal sensitive information under the situation to bring convenience to the user.

noble baby hope to improve the user experience, in order to attract more advertisers advertising. Noble baby in the new privacy policy page said: "if the user is using the noble baby search related information, we will according to the user’s display in the noble baby + and Gmail and YouTube in interest, recommended keyword search or optimization search results to the user."

from the beginning of March 1st, the noble baby will be the implementation of the new privacy policy. After the implementation of this policy, will eliminate the legal obstacles caused by 70 different privacy policy. Now, the noble baby will launch a privacy policy coverage in Gmail, YouTube, and noble baby + search and Maps services, in addition to noble baby Wallet sensitive service to implement a privacy policy coverage.

January 25th news, according to foreign media reports, the noble baby will modify the user’s information processing mode, integration from Gmail, noble baby + and YouTube services in the user information collected in a service so that information can be used in another service.

, for example, if the user 1 hours ago via the noble baby search and slide related information, the next login YouTube system may recommend users to watch and skateboarding legend Toni · Hawke (Tony Hawk) on the video.

Three common linkbait help site outside the chain doubled

common link bait bait resources including news, link bait, controversial topic, online tools, plug-ins, benefits to attract other types of humor. This paper first share the first three methods of producing the bait.

controversial topic: many of my friends to see this thought is speculation, but you also know clearly the controversial topic often can attract eyeball, can let a lot of people spread, debate, criticism. The common method is to the industry authority, celebrity pick, or do you generally think is wrong but what you think is right. However, note here is a must in on the basis of rational discussion, and not let you make groundless accusations, gratuitous abuse. The controversial topic sometimes is not necessarily very serious, such as whether to modify the site title affect Shanghai Longfeng, many friends think must have influence, for example, then you can take their own practice to overturn the controversial argument, this is all the more familiar. This kind of method must hold a degree, not too large.

webmaster do Shanghai Longfeng many times than the technology, but there are more resources. Especially the construction of the external links, have good resources, sometimes often means a good ranking. There are many ways to get links, the webmaster without each to master everything, often requires only one or two specialty skills insist for a long time can get very good resources. This paper will get one of the commonly used techniques of external links: link bait.

addition, in addition to the news resource link bait, bait, link bait and other commonly used methods of controversial topics, as well as above mentioned online tools, plug-ins, interests attract, humor and other methods, can make the site to get a large amount of external links, these links are self >

news: as the name suggests, two news bait bait to grasp is the "new" and "professional". In each industry there will be news, if your site can be first reported, so the article itself is a link bait. In other sites have not reported, if you earlier than others, so each news came out, it will bring a lot of links. What is professional enough, can focus on a vertical field, see if the general news is published, so the user directly to the portal site. So, the user dependent fast professional news reports, once thought of this industry news, think of your website.

resource link bait: this type of bait is the most simple but most effective link bait. The bait can to explore a topic, also can be a practical skill or tutorial article, as long as to help users can get effective external links. Moreover it is connected to a list of other resources on the Internet, there are a lot of free resources for people to use, we often see the 10, 20 the similar resource list article, intentional webmaster can make a summary on the use of their own website for others. It can also bring a considerable number of external links, this method is very effective.

The search engine frequently update how do we face

mind it has talked a lot, for those of us 80, 90 young people, we really need to temper the station was K also not a big thing, the mood is definitely yes, but as long as it is normal to do the Shanghai dragon, that was K website difficult to recover, the controllability of Shanghai dragon it is difficult to do, that person is certainly Shanghai dragon master, Shanghai dragon beginners the first step is to make clear what is Shanghai dragon? I can not do it, you don’t love doing this. Do you numb Shanghai dragon certainly difficult to progress, Shanghai dragon is an experiment and improvement process, is a competitive game. Love the first page of Shanghai had a few positions, not you be pushed down is pushed down the opponent. If you do this too painful, then don’t delay time, consider good conversion. If you love the Internet, love to do, it will continue to adhere to, and strive to improve themselves.

is not an exaggeration to say that the real special Shanghai dragon service company is not much, most of the second and three line of the city of Shanghai dragon company, in fact our main business includes: website construction, virtual host, website optimization, these three aspects, now we all know that the low-end price of cabbage in Shanghai dragon services, mainly to provide Shanghai dragon service, now also should change their strategy, including the Shanghai dragon strategy, search engine algorithm updates, enterprise stand optimization need more quality content, the chain of spam era has passed, how to make the enterprise stand content construction, how to communicate with customers, we need to try for example, the content and the innovation, can with some reputable soft studio cooperation, in.

Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, so the voice intensified to a certain extent, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, is the love of Shanghai frequently update algorithm, Shanghai dragon industry will no longer be the so-called low threshold of occupation, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners skills and mentality more demanding, the future of Shanghai dragon work is not only to send the chain, pseudo original content on the line under the. The search engine requirements for content, foreign chain requirements more and more high, the Shanghai dragon is hard to do, wrote an article I some time ago, the title is the search engine frequently update algorithm: the future of Shanghai dragon industry will be compressed, it is inevitable. I think a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are thought to switch, but to remind you to have a risk, but is a common problem needs to be considered carefully! We of this generation of young people, of course, young people are impetuous young people, but do we have to prepare for the Shanghai dragon, many times we cannot control. In the face of the search engine greatly updated, the Shanghai dragon industry should keep calm, trying to adapt to these changes. From Shanghai to Shanghai dragon dragon employees of a company or team, we should calm down and think about their own way.

Shanghai Longfeng employees: we need to hone their mentality

Shanghai Longfeng optimization company: we need to adjust the strategy of

Learning notes station optimization structure of Shanghai dragon left (a)

3. site directory structure


B link to the home page, connected to the classification of the content page. B links generally don’t need to connect to the C page.

(1): flat means that all web site files exist web site root directory. This way can be used for enterprise station, personal blog, but if a long time, more documents, may maintain up very trouble; but the structure of the advantage in the content page than in junior high directory.

personal feel is very important, in the chain, simply say that the network graph is the site of the internal links form a link.

For example: www.***贵族宝贝/a/


A connect to B, C is also a direct link to the 1,2,3,4. But no special requirements, this is also not necessary to connect directly to the content of the page.


1,2,3,4 can point to the home page, also can point to all categories. The content of the 1,2 page doesn’t need to link to 4> 3.



4. web site chain cultivation

if a user do come to our site, according to site navigation to browse our website, the user what he would do, tell him that you click on the navigation where you can achieve the purpose. The first time you come to our website, navigation can give users a better advice on the best, better guide the user to browse our website. The picture is not recommended, such as the flash button navigation; text link navigation can make the search engine more friendly to grab our site links, CSS can achieve a very nice effect, why do you have to use the special button.

The advantages of the

static 1.URL static URL has always been one of our most basic requirements of Shanghai dragon. A few years ago, the search engine on the dynamic pages are definitely at a distance, because of dynamic URL can make the search engine into an infinite loop or a large collection of duplicate pages, causing a huge waste of resources. But now, the search engine has the progress of dynamic URL (but I personally think is the baby, and not the love of Shanghai). If we do, or static, dynamic

structure is clear and easy to maintain, site data.

(2): a tree structure that means different according to different product categories, divided into subdirectories, add article page in the directory.

I only know to do outside the chain, rarely care about the structure of the problem. Now understand the importance of structure and layout of the site of the Shanghai dragon. So today I summarize some views on the overall optimization of the website.

2. clear, eye-catching navigation

drawing tools) why?

Love Shanghai optimization analysis five details to note

third, the original article update best regularly. In fact, we human beings is a truth, no one has its own very stable biological clock, the general clock must be 10 points before sleep every night if sleep at 10:30 or 11 they will feel very difficult to fall asleep, wake up in the morning and dusk without heavy spirit. Our website spider and the rest of the time.

First, the

second, the current Shanghai love to optimize the user experience more than anything. Before 2012, the content is king, the chain for the emperor has been filled with the webmaster, but we love Shanghai back in 2013, several major update algorithm without exception is for the user experience of the website, this dynamic update algorithm is very obvious, basically is to combat spam chain for reference. So, now I think the quality of the chain is the emperor, the high quality of the chain like industry platform can go to release the soft, can exchange between Links site, outside the chain of high quality interactive to better, such as 58 city and Ganji the platform itself flow is in doubt. The platform can not only bring high weight, but also can bring high conversion, such as your local products, often target customers is to find similar information gathered here, this time you can release a similar product, thus obtained target customer conversion rate will greatly increase.

website must be the same outside and inside do. I found that many enterprise managers pursue fancy effect in the process of operation and maintenance of the web site, for example, add a lot of flash for the site, a lot of beautiful pictures, the appearance is beautiful, but the site open speed is very slow, resulting in increased waiting time for customers to visit a web site, such as some low-level errors, we found that many of the station added but do not know the picture, add the alt attribute to the picture, so that about the meaning of love Shanghai spiders can identify the picture, here the author thinks that the website is a function of the products, some beautiful surface is to set off their own website theme, no inherent values we use a saying is specious. Like a person to have very much money, but he is a severe cancer patients can’t control any parts of their bodies, you want what is the use of the wealth of these. So, this is a website, we should distinguish between primary and secondary, the main functional features, secondary is some fancy performance design access speed and experience.

key to the success or failure of love as everyone knows, Shanghai decided to optimize the optimization details, especially for the love of Shanghai, with the love of Shanghai this year to update several major algorithms, the author found that the love of Shanghai to optimize the station outside the station must both, some optimization operation station will not directly to the website to limbo, such as excessive station anchor text chain packing, low quality of the station is the fatal blow for the love Shanghai optimization, good gossip short continued we enter today Zhenti, love Shanghai optimization analysis five details to note.

Traffic statistics analysis webmaster query tool is accurate


Site traffic is .

by 贵族宝贝 Bengou cinema exclusive feeds, reproduced please leave links, thank you

for the purchase of advertising for the stationmaster, in fact most of all is with can bring certain traffic to your site, although not much, but it’s better than nothing. And the ultimate goal is to improve the purchase link rankings get more traffic. So, the flow is the final destination of the website. From the website traffic analysis website overall situation quite useful. But many webmaster in buy advertising, are particularly concerned about this, for some PR high weight high what is the use of. These can be optimized to cheat, the most direct way is to watch the flow, a website weight as the author is 4, daily traffic is only one hundred or two hundred, do stand for a year and a half, so what is the use? So, the purchase of advertising to see flow decision can not be wrong. Today, explain the query traffic statistics tool class is accurate:


so, the webmaster of query tools in traffic, I do not feel much accuracy. Moreover, this kind of tool is based on the analysis of the website data, rather than through the user log analysis, naturally can not be reliable data. As for the sale of advertising is more such, if blindly believe that the webmaster query tool, so it is ultimately your own.




website traffic


for this kind of tools to view the site traffic is actually too horrible to look at. General purchase link, do not want accurate data obtained through the webmaster tools, it is not possible. But because the webmaster tools are comprehensive, natural can not be specific, so webmaster should not value the display tools of this kind of traffic. Analysis of other methods or find it.

total flow rate of about 250, but one day to flow there? Almost every day is less than 10, so the statistics cannot be taken seriously these tools, can also make a reference, but not the reference flow, but the rankings. There are ALX rankings, the chicken ribs tool, this tool is algorithm are very objective, not actual, as shown in figure

webmaster tools, it is estimated that is not accurate, and it is based on site data to estimate, therefore, in the purchase link, this kind of data is not credible. Because the data is dead, after all, there is no user browsing are unknown. Keywords station as the author of the second ranked

Alx ranked the flow

Optimize the internal skills of the ultimate article Shanghai dragon website

10. love Shanghai statistics also is no less than

3. reduces the article page / home / list page picture, in order to achieve the purpose of compression of


22. search optimization, a lot of station search suck.

I began to involve far Shanghai Longfeng field since 2010, in a few years later found on the Internet there is a station but there are thousands on thousands of station can meet the specification of Shanghai dragon, start-ups are generally small, about 2000 to get through station, or just graduated programmers write programs to do, or is an open source, they really understand Shanghai dragon

21. is not too much, the website to describe the essentials of classic, rather than let you use to describe the stack keywords


6. page list if there is a thumbnail picture must be

17. web site at the bottom of the copyright statement at the bottom of the site must have a record number of super chain, at the bottom of the site must be deleted site links left by

word would be more appropriate.Keywords

14. each article should own label, the chain system will also use

5. station all pictures must have ALT or title

?I will describe statement

4. station articles within the chain structure is essential for

13. the bread crumbs and add at the bottom of this paper addresses, as well as the original

down I have seen so far is a lot of Enterprise Station problems, in order to better do station please read this

1. website all images must be compressed to a minimum, including the details in figure


20. Site Title Optimization, very hot and don’t have the words, so that you do not go on the station, station optimization for their low

8. release time, the author views, there are many stations do not pay attention to

9. station and Shanghai to share love, do not explain why?……

7. breadcrumb must have

15.: add at the bottom of a title and output

12. the layout, don’t think reptiles do not see good typography, layout will also help users reading, double harvest

19. station can not delete the article do not delete, can cause death, it records the delete link submitted to the search engine

2. web page to get good rankings must be streamlined code, including css/js

16. diversified social comment box

18. Links don’t remember too much

11. station in the bottom of the page development guess you love, popular articles, the latest release of rich web content, the user may need to display the contents of the