The search engine frequently update how do we face

mind it has talked a lot, for those of us 80, 90 young people, we really need to temper the station was K also not a big thing, the mood is definitely yes, but as long as it is normal to do the Shanghai dragon, that was K website difficult to recover, the controllability of Shanghai dragon it is difficult to do, that person is certainly Shanghai dragon master, Shanghai dragon beginners the first step is to make clear what is Shanghai dragon? I can not do it, you don’t love doing this. Do you numb Shanghai dragon certainly difficult to progress, Shanghai dragon is an experiment and improvement process, is a competitive game. Love the first page of Shanghai had a few positions, not you be pushed down is pushed down the opponent. If you do this too painful, then don’t delay time, consider good conversion. If you love the Internet, love to do, it will continue to adhere to, and strive to improve themselves.

is not an exaggeration to say that the real special Shanghai dragon service company is not much, most of the second and three line of the city of Shanghai dragon company, in fact our main business includes: website construction, virtual host, website optimization, these three aspects, now we all know that the low-end price of cabbage in Shanghai dragon services, mainly to provide Shanghai dragon service, now also should change their strategy, including the Shanghai dragon strategy, search engine algorithm updates, enterprise stand optimization need more quality content, the chain of spam era has passed, how to make the enterprise stand content construction, how to communicate with customers, we need to try for example, the content and the innovation, can with some reputable soft studio cooperation, in.

Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, so the voice intensified to a certain extent, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, is the love of Shanghai frequently update algorithm, Shanghai dragon industry will no longer be the so-called low threshold of occupation, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners skills and mentality more demanding, the future of Shanghai dragon work is not only to send the chain, pseudo original content on the line under the. The search engine requirements for content, foreign chain requirements more and more high, the Shanghai dragon is hard to do, wrote an article I some time ago, the title is the search engine frequently update algorithm: the future of Shanghai dragon industry will be compressed, it is inevitable. I think a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are thought to switch, but to remind you to have a risk, but is a common problem needs to be considered carefully! We of this generation of young people, of course, young people are impetuous young people, but do we have to prepare for the Shanghai dragon, many times we cannot control. In the face of the search engine greatly updated, the Shanghai dragon industry should keep calm, trying to adapt to these changes. From Shanghai to Shanghai dragon dragon employees of a company or team, we should calm down and think about their own way.

Shanghai Longfeng employees: we need to hone their mentality

Shanghai Longfeng optimization company: we need to adjust the strategy of

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