Learning notes station optimization structure of Shanghai dragon left (a)

3. site directory structure


B link to the home page, connected to the classification of the content page. B links generally don’t need to connect to the C page.

(1): flat means that all web site files exist web site root directory. This way can be used for enterprise station, personal blog, but if a long time, more documents, may maintain up very trouble; but the structure of the advantage in the content page than in junior high directory.

personal feel is very important, in the chain, simply say that the network graph is the site of the internal links form a link.

For example: www.***贵族宝贝/a/


A connect to B, C is also a direct link to the 1,2,3,4. But no special requirements, this is also not necessary to connect directly to the content of the page.


1,2,3,4 can point to the home page, also can point to all categories. The content of the 1,2 page doesn’t need to link to 4> 3.



4. web site chain cultivation

if a user do come to our site, according to site navigation to browse our website, the user what he would do, tell him that you click on the navigation where you can achieve the purpose. The first time you come to our website, navigation can give users a better advice on the best, better guide the user to browse our website. The picture is not recommended, such as the flash button navigation; text link navigation can make the search engine more friendly to grab our site links, CSS can achieve a very nice effect, why do you have to use the special button.

The advantages of the

static 1.URL static URL has always been one of our most basic requirements of Shanghai dragon. A few years ago, the search engine on the dynamic pages are definitely at a distance, because of dynamic URL can make the search engine into an infinite loop or a large collection of duplicate pages, causing a huge waste of resources. But now, the search engine has the progress of dynamic URL (but I personally think is the baby, and not the love of Shanghai). If we do, or static, dynamic

structure is clear and easy to maintain, site data.

(2): a tree structure that means different according to different product categories, divided into subdirectories, add article page in the directory.

I only know to do outside the chain, rarely care about the structure of the problem. Now understand the importance of structure and layout of the site of the Shanghai dragon. So today I summarize some views on the overall optimization of the website.

2. clear, eye-catching navigation

drawing tools) why?

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