Love Shanghai optimization analysis five details to note

third, the original article update best regularly. In fact, we human beings is a truth, no one has its own very stable biological clock, the general clock must be 10 points before sleep every night if sleep at 10:30 or 11 they will feel very difficult to fall asleep, wake up in the morning and dusk without heavy spirit. Our website spider and the rest of the time.

First, the

second, the current Shanghai love to optimize the user experience more than anything. Before 2012, the content is king, the chain for the emperor has been filled with the webmaster, but we love Shanghai back in 2013, several major update algorithm without exception is for the user experience of the website, this dynamic update algorithm is very obvious, basically is to combat spam chain for reference. So, now I think the quality of the chain is the emperor, the high quality of the chain like industry platform can go to release the soft, can exchange between Links site, outside the chain of high quality interactive to better, such as 58 city and Ganji the platform itself flow is in doubt. The platform can not only bring high weight, but also can bring high conversion, such as your local products, often target customers is to find similar information gathered here, this time you can release a similar product, thus obtained target customer conversion rate will greatly increase.

website must be the same outside and inside do. I found that many enterprise managers pursue fancy effect in the process of operation and maintenance of the web site, for example, add a lot of flash for the site, a lot of beautiful pictures, the appearance is beautiful, but the site open speed is very slow, resulting in increased waiting time for customers to visit a web site, such as some low-level errors, we found that many of the station added but do not know the picture, add the alt attribute to the picture, so that about the meaning of love Shanghai spiders can identify the picture, here the author thinks that the website is a function of the products, some beautiful surface is to set off their own website theme, no inherent values we use a saying is specious. Like a person to have very much money, but he is a severe cancer patients can’t control any parts of their bodies, you want what is the use of the wealth of these. So, this is a website, we should distinguish between primary and secondary, the main functional features, secondary is some fancy performance design access speed and experience.

key to the success or failure of love as everyone knows, Shanghai decided to optimize the optimization details, especially for the love of Shanghai, with the love of Shanghai this year to update several major algorithms, the author found that the love of Shanghai to optimize the station outside the station must both, some optimization operation station will not directly to the website to limbo, such as excessive station anchor text chain packing, low quality of the station is the fatal blow for the love Shanghai optimization, good gossip short continued we enter today Zhenti, love Shanghai optimization analysis five details to note.

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