Optimize the internal skills of the ultimate article Shanghai dragon website

10. love Shanghai statistics also is no less than

3. reduces the article page / home / list page picture, in order to achieve the purpose of compression of


22. search optimization, a lot of station search suck.

I began to involve far Shanghai Longfeng field since 2010, in a few years later found on the Internet there is a station but there are thousands on thousands of station can meet the specification of Shanghai dragon, start-ups are generally small, about 2000 to get through station, or just graduated programmers write programs to do, or is an open source, they really understand Shanghai dragon

21. is not too much, the website to describe the essentials of classic, rather than let you use to describe the stack keywords


6. page list if there is a thumbnail picture must be

17. web site at the bottom of the copyright statement at the bottom of the site must have a record number of super chain, at the bottom of the site must be deleted site links left by

word would be more appropriate.Keywords

14. each article should own label, the chain system will also use

5. station all pictures must have ALT or title

?I will describe statement

4. station articles within the chain structure is essential for

13. the bread crumbs and add at the bottom of this paper addresses, as well as the original

down I have seen so far is a lot of Enterprise Station problems, in order to better do station please read this

1. website all images must be compressed to a minimum, including the details in figure


20. Site Title Optimization, very hot and don’t have the words, so that you do not go on the station, station optimization for their low

8. release time, the author views, there are many stations do not pay attention to

9. station and Shanghai to share love, do not explain why?……

7. breadcrumb must have

15.: add at the bottom of a title and output

12. the layout, don’t think reptiles do not see good typography, layout will also help users reading, double harvest

19. station can not delete the article do not delete, can cause death, it records the delete link submitted to the search engine

2. web page to get good rankings must be streamlined code, including css/js

16. diversified social comment box

18. Links don’t remember too much

11. station in the bottom of the page development guess you love, popular articles, the latest release of rich web content, the user may need to display the contents of the

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