A knife the analysis of search engine optimization software function

query function, believe that now many domestic websites are in use. As the ranking query, contains the query, exchange links query, PR query. In the query, search engine optimization software which is unavoidable. Like some Links query function, is very popular with users. In this regard, some sites do very well.


two, search engine optimization construction function:

analysis function is quite practical, search engine is not forbidden. The analysis function for search engine optimization personnel, but also a great help. But the disadvantages are that analysis software can not give specific suggestions, only the calculation results. Search engine optimization software can not fully automated short board is proposed here, the final analysis and modification, must have to be.

The construction of

search engine optimization is the core factor content, links, ranking, included, weight and so on, so that a search engine optimization software must be focused on the several directions to provide services. Talk about search engine optimization software function in several directions:

search engine optimization software, many users want to have a automated search engine optimization software, need to rely on a software to implement search engine optimization, it is almost impossible. But to assist the search engine optimization team to solve the data collection of information, can be. This name does not mean that automation is fully automated, semi automated only.

, a search engine optimization software query function:

But the

can through the program to make high quality content, high quality links, of course, is very good. But it is very difficult, if not good, don’t too much use of these software. May bring harm to the site.


these days, said a series of domestic search engine optimization software and the status of "at home and abroad to search engine optimization software application", simply write a series. Today continue to talk about search engine optimization software which requires function.

currently on the domestic market, with search engine optimization software query function and construction function, very popular. Query class software to commercialization, there are still some.

function, is to establish the website data, such as establishing content, links etc.. This function is now very popular, but great controversy, also may be listed as the search engine is target. This kind of service as similar in terms of pseudo original content generated by the program, a lot of content. In view of the construction of link spam links, through the program to send a lot of links.

query function, need to pay attention to a little. If the query is required to complete the search engine, then this service is likely to be search engine shield points. Because many search engines do not want to use the program to send search requests to the search engine.

three, search engine optimization analysis:

Speaking of the

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