Depend on the survival of search engine website are not successful website

I just a few simple examples of successful web site:

webmaster home: because I have a few websites, so every day on the owners of the house, my browser of this station, if the Internet company with other computer, I usually address bar directly enter the Webmaster Tools >

wrote the title is definitely a feeling a little. But, if you remove several professional search engine, so the accuracy of this title may be as high as 99.999%. Almost all rely on the survival of search engine sites are not successful website, I think so. Why do you say that? Rely on search engines to drive traffic to the site is not able to decide the fate of the website. Like most of Shanghai dragon Er dependent search engine rankings to natural sites, experienced love Shanghai 5.20 shock and recent frequent shocks, it should be this deep.

, in a word, the development of the website to be good, must from the search engine. Is from Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng friends have heard, "the highest state is from Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon."

my own website (painless treatment) is also dependent on the search engine. However, love Shanghai Google to bring traffic is almost half of the. Google included, more than 30 thousand pages, Shanghai love contains less than 3 thousand, a large gap. So, no keywords fell in love with the sea, there are a large number of long tail keywords attracted traffic from Google. According to their website experience. At present, whether it is to do what the target keywords or long tail keywords are not very well done. Love Shanghai improve their products (love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love the experience that Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar space weight etc.). How do you do the long tail keywords of long tail keywords nor love Shanghai and know many Post Bar. At the same time improve the keywords love Shanghai major website page ranking. Just like the weight of your site without portal site, if it is the same keywords, you are the website keywords, Sina keyword is within the page, you have the very same or similar keywords, love Shanghai more likely to believe Sina’s page ranking higher than your home page. Ranking, web site has a natural advantage.

look at the various webmaster forums, every webmaster blog, the Shanghai dragon forum can be found these days to discuss love Shanghai more than usual a lot. Why? Love Shanghai search engine rankings affect the ranking of many sites keywords, a direct impact on the earnings of the webmasters. Because many webmaster search by love of Shanghai’s natural ranking for students. Whether it is to do business in Shanghai dragon, or make their own advertising to make money, or not from the search engine. Most of the site traffic from search engines, especially love Shanghai. So, love Shanghai’s out of the question, to do business in Shanghai and Phoenix may not receive the money, advertising alliance money may flow sharp drop in revenue decline.

first few webmasters are familiar with the website:

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