SEM love Shanghai know actual promotion skills to share


, very practical Oh!

two, the content and links. The answer is the most important and most difficult, and the promotion of the best effect is to leave a link. There are two ways to leave a link, a link directly to the written answer the content inside, two is in reference. The second method is relatively easier to point. Here is a little skill, unless you have a very good reputation. With your own web site is not easy to pass, you can put the link into the first love Shanghai collection clip, or into the love of the Shanghai space article, anyway, as long as the love of Shanghai’s own products are through the. Answer with a serious content, can reasonable into your links can see, the general mood of the administrator

, the title and the answer. The title should be concise and contains the main keywords needed, if the keywords too direct and will fail, for example: the word "Guizhou Shanghai dragon", we can write "Guizhou Shanghai dragon team which has nothing to do with Guizhou, Shanghai, Guizhou dragon company Shanghai Longfeng strongest companies which" and so on. The problem is additional to write, and the more detailed the better, not too straightforward, so that it was easy to pass.


, ha ha!

four, Jianfengchazhen. Also in Shanghai love to know which search problems to be solved, as long as good for you can answer. Even if others do not accept your answer, also left a link, also reached the purpose of promotion, even if the problem is closed, the link will still exist, ha ha……


three, the answer skills. Do not ask the answer, the same IP is 100 percent will not pass, it is best to call online friends to answer. Is not a province best, of course, you can also use the IP agent to answer, there is a limit, don’t use foreign IP agent, it’s too obvious. It is best to let more than two friends to answer, and then select the most appropriate for the best answer, so as not to cause the attention of the administrator. Choose the best answer to the time to grasp well, if the time is too short will cause suspicion, too slow and there will be other competitors to answer.

know promotion of Shanghai dragon Shanghai Er all know, in addition to love Shanghai encyclopedia, know love is the best way to promote Shanghai. The utility model has the advantages that included fast, high weight, can be said to be the second, the main keywords contained in general will not be ranked in the home, in the first row of very popular. Who know love is Shanghai’s own products, of course, can not say weight. Although it sounds very simple, the effect is also good, but the actual operation has certain difficulty, especially keywords and leave the blend of links need skills, many novice in several attempts failed, there is no information to know the sex of Shanghai promotion. So today I summed up his sex in Shanghai know promotion experience, to share some tips for the

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