Shanghai Longfeng June new step optimization! Three let you understand

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this day June 2nd in Hangzhou people is very special, we chatted together in training yesterday is your son’s holiday, today is your festival, this is a joke, let’s talk about the Shanghai dragon optimization is a lengthy process, in the process of optimization of the encounter a variety of problems, especially in the process of optimization of the title, should learn to avoid misunderstanding of some optimization, grasp the optimization techniques, then what are the skills in the process of Shanghai dragon Title Optimization? By the Shanghai Dragon: Shanghai dragon.Ee, Shanghai dragon optimization for you to share three important matters.

2, pay attention to the keyword

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your company name, you can be more than a list of results and distinguish the competition at the same time, can also help your site to bring more hits, effectively help you improve website ranking, website to help win more traffic, more weight, help your site to win higher visibility. In addition, it also can provide important context, make your list of search results more attractive or more relevant, more likely to win the user’s eye.

mentioned keywords, many Shanghai dragon optimization webmaster all know the importance of it, but also tends to be ignored, will be the title of the page is too casual, more important is most of the time it does not contain keywords, and this kind of mistake for the optimization of the webmaster really should not make. So, for the owners concerned, in the process of optimization of the title, must be included in the key words, this is really important, because in the page title, ranking algorithm on this is very important, if the keywords included, can seize the initiative in the search engine, make excellent ranking. Keywords according to the website of the product to take, for example, your product is the online customer service, so you can take it with the keyword related words.

about the simplicity of this, maybe a lot of people at the beginning did not pay attention to this, they put their website has said, the result is too much information, all kinds of looks, very complicated, very easy to let the user lost expression of this error, causing the error to the user guide. Therefore, in the process of optimization of the title, must be concise and brief, to make simple expression of key information quickly, otherwise your website looks information is plentiful, is actually superfluous, unable to get user acceptance and support. That is a professional brand promotion of the whole network service providers, professional people to do professional things, let customers worry and effort, do not burn propaganda.


1, as far as possible to include the company name

3, pay attention to simple

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