Several reasons why love Shanghai talk about the site right down

don’t you find no problem space, recently did not move over the site, so this time you may wish to check the chain under their own hair, see the link is not by the website or delete the administrator of the forum, or some other reasons for failure of


2) space factors of the host, because of the poor quality of space often leads to the site can not access

love Shanghai not update not included as one of the most common reasons, may be changed in the near future the webmaster website caused, for example recently is not changed website template, even if it is a symbolic code, or modify the site keywords, let


3) may be the chain once issued has failed to cause the number of Web site outside of the chain to reduce impact,

! ! money?

solution: whether you modify the site templates, or modify the website keywords, in Shanghai has not been restored before the update included best not to move him, so after one or two weeks in the small update and look at the situation, in addition to sand feel it is necessary to modify the site for the webmaster said next, if your website weight is not what is good, but the weight is not high on the site of the best don’t change the


solution: since the chain of information previously issued have failed, this time we webmaster should be re issued by the chain, but there is little need to pay attention to the webmaster, it is best not to immediately release the chain too much, otherwise it will be very easy to let the love of Shanghai that you are cheating, then net > for you

love is not that of the Google PR weight in Shanghai has a clear standard, but not that of the Google PR pixel in the short term is "fixed", it will be adjusted according to site changes, if your site is done, the weight will be greatly improved, if the decline in the quality of your website, the love to you in Shanghai the weight will be right down, some owners may also do not understand why the weight of the website will decline, so the sand specially chose the more common causes, the webmaster can refer to

solution: if you want to have a better development, to persuade the webmaster or sand best to find a better quality point of space, do not want to have that little money, specifically to buy those "cheap" space host, if your website is done, even earn back to the point of space with the domain name

site is down right love Shanghai because there is a large part of the space caused by the host, especially when the server encountered a poor quality of the space is the most obvious, except the factor space quality, the webmaster can also see how many sites on this server, but the site has no is in love with K out of the sea, if more than five or six sites have been in love with the sea K off, then love Shanghai not update your website is not included because you have been implicated in


1) website recently changed, may be the webmaster changed template, may also modify the site keywords

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