Learning notes station optimization structure of Shanghai dragon left (a)

3. site directory structure www.***贵族宝贝/b/ B link to the home page, connected to the classification of the content page. B links generally don’t need to connect to the C page. (1): flat means that all web site files exist web site root directory. This way can be used for enterprise station, personal blog, but if […]

The search engine should pay for promotion responsible

users buy tickets cheated awarded 260 thousand search engine company should pay promotion link "responsible"   Mr. Xia at the same time, pay promotion is the search engine company revenue in the biggest piece of cake, but in the law, according to the principle of safe haven, search engine has no legal obligation to ensure […]

Community computer hospital business planGrassroots Adsense how to make money with low IP

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan I contact the computer for nearly 10 years, and this year began to play Wangzhuan, now for the first time the text, talk about their own experience. said it was simple, but the pressure was great. You weren’t the only one […]

Inventory of 13 will be worth over $1 billion of start-up companiesChen Yizhou and his investment in

reports that the Fab site is financing $250 million -3, and investors are pouring money into it. Fab gained great publicity through publicity, but its spending was also very large. People familiar with the matter said the $1 billion valuation could be high because the overall environment is not optimistic. The MongoDB products developed by […]

The deep cultivation and innovation of classified information website management

            Web2.0, let classification information feel a new round of great opportunities for development, but also let us feel the Internet to seek breakthroughs, innovation urgent. classification information website to solve the profit problem, first of all to solve the "user base" problem. now, many of the focus of classified […]

Want people to be your users Design your registration process first

editor’s note: the author, Nir Eyal, is the founder of several start-ups and is an advisor to several companies and incubation centres in the San Francisco Bay area. He focuses on interdisciplinary studies in psychology, technology and business, as well as lecturer at the Graduate School of Stanford University. This article, mainly through the concept […]

Youth priceless, Internet ruthless webmaster, please rethink yourself

to write this article and may not Wangzhuan relationship, but please give me three minutes to calm down to see this article, because you will harvest. Today we are not talking about psychology, nor is it about success, just talking about how our webmaster should win the future. recently like to see you A5 webmaster […]

New sites on-line thinking for a month (Baidu included)

here’s a talk about Baidu. 1, Baidu included: the site is on-line in January 7th, second days Baidu included 4 pages, third days included 15 pages. By January 22nd included basically no change, 23 days after the outbreak included Baidu, it included 300, more to my actual posts. two, Baidu search volume in January 10th […]

Design and development of Flash personal website

Web authoring and website construction knowledge and technology is very important in the network content. This article mainly expounds the general idea and procedure of building website with Flash. These contents mainly include five aspects: the content and the goal of the website, the website structure planning, the scene planning, the material preparation and the […]