A wonderful website using the Nofollow attribute effect analysis

for this problem, many people may not to let the spiders crawl and add nofollow, many people think that may improve the website specially with nofollow, let the spider crawl more pages to save time. First I clear a little spider will crawl the nofollow link, this point in the optimization of the site I […]

Google announced the HTTPS SSL safety certification into its search ranking mechanism

in the future whether Google will improve HTTPS/SSL weights for the website ranking effect? This is a possibility, because Google wants to master some time to adjust their own website, conversion from HTTP to HTTPS. The future of HTTPS security authentication may become one of the important factors that affect the site ranking. The / […]

The movie Dealflicks discount network founder driving business streetZuckerberg talk about entrepren

Sina on the other hand, the number of mobile Facebook users continues to grow, but the vast majority of iOS users complain that Facebook’s iOS applications are too slow. As a result, Facebook abandoned iOS and applied its original HTML5 technology to the development of native applications. After that, user ratings and feedback on Facebook […]

Want to start a cold drink shop to remember the management skills

cold drinks in the summer is a beautiful scenery line, in fact, in addition to summer, other seasons such delicious is also very popular, then open this store will be like? Who must pay attention to methods, for investors who want to start a cold drink shop is no exception, although there is no shortcut […]

Three misunderstandings in the construction of website station

site is now explosive growth trend. The open source of some CMS programs has pushed this growth trend to the white hot. The number of stations is large, and the number of participants is staggering. A year ago, I wrote the "China Web site development outlook" in a text of the prophecy has been achieved. […]

The development of network picture station station

image station can be developed into the network through the station, don’t you know? Fanchon station on the flow are very high, the domestic famous web station with a banner, Qihoo and other resources on the web station. Since there are some excellent links to resources on the network, where is the natural link station […]

Look at how to become an expert in lighting decoration

lighting industry is booming, the market prospect is more and more open, let many people envious endless nuggets. For many investors do not have the basis for the operation of the lighting industry, the need to accumulate relevant business knowledge, especially those who want to learn with the lighting industry operators must be able to […]