The best project of analytical treatment of the repetition of website content

1, repeated updates: This is the website editor to upload several times in the process of uploading articles caused by the same article, after all is not written to repeat Title verification function; repetitive content: must not delete duplicate content, will produce a large number of error 404. The first 301 jumps, the use of […]

From the first half of the experience to do foreign trade optimization optimization to Shanghai sex.

registered after two weeks in third weeks I began operating their own web sites, before doing content and send the chain when foreign trade Shanghai dragon is every day, and love the practice of Shanghai were basically the same, but I found that the details are very important sex Shanghai optimization, there is a sex […]

A push a few simple steps to help you website faster

Links exchange platform is not only we can exchange Links place, when the query site outside the chain is found from the Links exchange platform, of course, the premise is the Links exchange platform weight is high enough, we sent a URL to exchange platform in the chain search engine recognition for Links exchange this […]

Is it worthwhile to write an independent blog for a superficial number

hasn’t visited the independent blog for a long time. Last year, I went to visit 50~100 independent blog every day. But this day only ran 10 to a visit to independent blog, which is part of the work for the time small, but also because too many blogs do not know of any writing worthy […]

This is the new owners I should cry or laugh entanglement

I recently found that during the summer vacation, it seems that once again a lot of new owners of the figure, the general friends will know, especially in the group, it seems even more obvious. for a long time do stand experience, passion had passed, some traffic to assorted. Some have been transferred to write […]

How to communicate with customers Learn to draw customers

in the business, the process of doing business, the customer is a key element, and our business success is directly linked, how to communicate with customers? Learn to draw customers? This is very important, the following may wish to learn together! "when my clients give me what I’m going to tell them when the phone?" […]

Rich two generations rely on the underwear business to turn their lives into a generation

Each field of business market are at the stage of the wonderful story of entrepreneurship, as a generation of the underwear market, many entrepreneurs are ordinary people can not imagine in the initial experience of entrepreneurial hardships, they rely on their own perseverance in the underwear industry opened up a road to wealth exclusive. in […]