How to optimize the website advertisement

, a suitable filtering low-cost advertising set filtering address, enter the website advertising management background, click on the "bidding advertising filter", fill in the address in the need to filter the displayed text box. four, click on the ads location is very important. Click the type of ads generally pay per click, click on the […]

Why is the quality of Shanghai dragon blog more and more low

  especially have a feeling recently, now feeling some Shanghai dragon blog content quality is more and more low. I asked myself, am I Shanghai Dragon technology promote perhaps?. Now the general master are busy to make money, who have a Kung Fu blog. You see those celebrity blog, basically is updated once for a […]

Website optimization home Title programming skills to share

first, the title of the site is also title can directly get search engine voting score places. A reasonable set of title can further improve the search engine on the web of affirmation, so as to get good scores, the scores can directly affect the site’s ranking. understands the importance of the website title, the […]

Shanghai Longfeng commentary website snapshot and ranking point of no good relationship

is used by URL to love Shanghai spider crawling target site, grab the download to the index database will fall in love with the sea and then analysis "pictures", in general, love Shanghai will be calculated in accordance with the conditions included value "through an algorithm formula, the page will be of good quality, the […]

Local website development to come to fruition after saving

website development up to now can be said to be entered into the bottleneck, more and more local sites has led to increased competition, for example, in my city, Yinchuan City, a search on Baidu in Yinchuan these two words, out of the eighty percent sites are personal webmaster do local network, in addition to […]

Create five important elements of the local micro-blog

where micro-blog is micro-blog, micro-blog and Sina also have to face from the Tencent micro-blog pressure, also need more members, so to build a successful local micro-blog is not easy, because it is a Tencent with micro-blog and Sina micro-blog Pinqiang user process, so in micro-blog environment, how to the local features we need to […]

Hualong Xiang Qian Yu development of two or three city local site

news December 4th, to "innovation, integration and development as the theme of the second session of Chinese and local industry website summit will be held on December 2010 4-5 in Hangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center held overseas sea, more than 3000 professionals from all walks of life from the Internet, webmaster, media and guests […]