Keywords social search future be replaced for content through the relationship

) Changing the definition of [IT] Sohu news Beijing on March 11th news, according to foreign media reports, the technology blog Mashable today published the article "social search future". The article points out that the future of social search will no longer be input by the user to search keywords, but the website using semantic […]

Look at the future trend of love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng by 6.28 love Shanghai K station

in Shanghai 411 Hospital of gynecology and infertility station.   practitioners, the blog contents are original. since 6.28 day, love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, this adjustment is mainly showing the love of Shanghai for the website content quality attitude, how to adjust the content below. The love of Shanghai at the expense of 5% changes in […]

How to interpret for our site to choose a suitable color tone

"color mix also have certain skills. The color difference of the transitional color larger color, so that more visitors can feel our color. We take the Pepsi logo for example: red and blue marks on the two part of the white segment. The white block corrugated can make better mixing of red and blue two […]

Noble baby revised privacy policy integration of a variety of products and user information

because the nobility baby new privacy policy for collecting user personal information, including a list of contacts, email content, geographic location, privacy protection agencies may advance litigation of noble baby. Center for Internet and society Standford (Stanford Center for Internet and Society) privacy safety supervisor Ryan · (Ryan Calo); Carol said, in order to avoid […]

Three common linkbait help site outside the chain doubled

common link bait bait resources including news, link bait, controversial topic, online tools, plug-ins, benefits to attract other types of humor. This paper first share the first three methods of producing the bait. controversial topic: many of my friends to see this thought is speculation, but you also know clearly the controversial topic often can […]

Learning notes station optimization structure of Shanghai dragon left (a)

3. site directory structure www.***贵族宝贝/b/ B link to the home page, connected to the classification of the content page. B links generally don’t need to connect to the C page. (1): flat means that all web site files exist web site root directory. This way can be used for enterprise station, personal blog, but if […]

Traffic statistics analysis webmaster query tool is accurate

  Site traffic is . by 贵族宝贝 Bengou cinema exclusive feeds, reproduced please leave links, thank you for the purchase of advertising for the stationmaster, in fact most of all is with can bring certain traffic to your site, although not much, but it’s better than nothing. And the ultimate goal is to improve the […]

Optimize the internal skills of the ultimate article Shanghai dragon website

10. love Shanghai statistics also is no less than 3. reduces the article page / home / list page picture, in order to achieve the purpose of compression of carefully 22. search optimization, a lot of station search suck. I began to involve far Shanghai Longfeng field since 2010, in a few years later found […]