A5 diagnosis of Shanghai dragon dying website timely assistance

is now the Shanghai dragon service providers, generally receive the money after it, not after the customer sites have what problem, even if what happened, he would think that has nothing to do with his, don > often in the QQ group and some webmaster forum, if you are a webmaster, so I believe you […]

Don’t let the test field sites become a frequently updated Google love Shanghai

I don’t know what kind of search engine algorithm vulnerabilities, do not have too much to study, so I was a rookie webmaster, as a rookie webmaster my observation is many sided, because I found several phenomena of the following: B, last month to this month, I remember no more than half a month, Google […]

2015 Shanghai dragon must overcome 5 major problems

2015 Shanghai dragon must overcome 5 major problems if you do in Shanghai Longfeng process, often encounter the following 5 kinds of problems, please keep in a problem four: the Shanghai dragon effect without accurate assessment and. ! problem: my two page links actually compete those spam links, ranking behind them but you might think […]

A5 Yue Huai marketing cherish life away from Shanghai, ill

in order to meet you (like Shanghai), at the expense of their rest time to hand the chain until three, when the August 10th" stationmaster clinic open day "activities, so typical of the webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER grievance speech reporting came from Shanghai love search engineer Lee’s mouth, I am really" do not have a […]

A5 source March 2013 free website source recommendation

A5 source China dedicated to the webmaster, in order to provide massive free website source code download, in March 2013 there are a lot of excellent source updates in the function and performance of A5 source code, mainly for CMS this month, the community forum, blog, web site navigation, free online system in several categories […]

2015 medical website latest Shanghai dragon cheating on

false link Keywords The 1, Html notes The accumulation of Click on the link spoofingWhen the user clicks the know, search engines crawl the page is crawling according to the link on the page, when the search engines crawl into an empty page, the content of only a few keywords no other content, search engine […]

A wonderful website using the Nofollow attribute effect analysis

for this problem, many people may not to let the spiders crawl and add nofollow, many people think that may improve the website specially with nofollow, let the spider crawl more pages to save time. First I clear a little spider will crawl the nofollow link, this point in the optimization of the site I […]

Adjust the link text to make your website keywords ranking first

dream weaving administrator family long-term focus on weaving DedeCms skills tutorials, template style and plug-in module collection, and the original course, website templates and plug-in released. A study on weaving station optimization, the chain function of DEDECMS. That is not perfect, so the new version of the dream. " approach is mainly tell the search […]

Google announced the HTTPS SSL safety certification into its search ranking mechanism

in the future whether Google will improve HTTPS/SSL weights for the website ranking effect? This is a possibility, because Google wants to master some time to adjust their own website, conversion from HTTP to HTTPS. The future of HTTPS security authentication may become one of the important factors that affect the site ranking. The / […]